Lifestyle 2016

January 13th 2016
Winter Weather

January 18th 2016
A Cold Sunday

February 8th 2016
My Journal Entry #1

February 22nd 2016
Lifestyle Change: 5 Ways to Make Your Day Better!

February 29th 2016
Windy Day

March 2nd 2016
My Journal Entry #2

March 14th 2016
My Journal Entry #3

March 21st 2016
5 Ways To Boost Your Confidence

March 28th 2016
How To Stay Creative

April 6th 2016
My Workout Playlist

April 11th 2016
My Journal Entry #4

April 27th 2016
Sunny Spring

May 18th
5 Things No One Tells You About Life After High School

May 30th 2016
How To Save Money

June 1st 2016
My Blogging Journey

June 27th 2016
São João: My Favourite Holiday! Makeup + Fireworks + More!

June 29th 2016
Summer Activities for Adults On The Outside, Children on the Inside

July 4th 2016
What I Did This Weekend! Festa Continente + Awesome Chocolate Cake

July 20th 2016
15 Weird Facts Tag

August 1st 2016
Walking Around 

August 8th 2016
My Current Favourites | One For Each Category

August 17th 2016
How To Be Organized: My Tips and Tricks

August 29th 2016
Tips to Know Before Visiting Porto

September 28th 2016
Furry Friend Tag!

October 3rd 2016
Breakfast Chats | Online Hate

October 12th 2016
My Fall Morning Routine

October 24th 2016
Breakfast Chats | Media Brainwash

November 14th 2016
Breakfast Chats | Internet Fame

November 18th 2016
20 Things I Learned In 20 Years

November 28th 2016
Purpose Tour + Pictures From Lisbon

November 11th 2016
1st Anniversary Giveaway

December 7th 2016
Holiday Cheer!

December 19th 2016
What to Do to Lift Up Your Mood When You're Having a Bad Day

December 29th 2016
Goals For 2017

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