Fashion 2016

January 11th 2016
Outfit Of The Day

January 25th 2016
Outfit Of The Day

March 23rd 2016
What To Do When You're Not Happy With Your Style

April 18th 2016
Outfit Of The Day

April 25th 2016
How to go from Floppy Sporty to Feminine Casual

May 2nd 2016
Outfit Of The Day

May 25th 2016
Spring Fashion Essentials

June 15th 2016
On Wednesdays We Wear Pink OOTD

June 20th 2016
First Summer Day! OOTD

June 22nd 2016
Beach Bag Essentials! For a Hot Day at the Beach

July 13th 2016
Summer Hair Acessories

August 15th 2016
A Summer Statement Blazer | OOTD + We Won a Medal! + #PrayForPortugal

August 24th 2016
My Top 5 YouTubers! Beauty + Fashion

August 31st 2016
A Short Vacation | OOTW

September 5th 2016
Red and Blue | OOTD + New Haircut

September 12th 2016
It's Still Crop Top Weather | OOTD

September 14th 2016
Faux Leather and Faux Fur | Fall Fashion Wishlist

September 21st 2016
My Most Worn Items: Spring/Summer 2016 | Fashion and Beauty

September 26th 2016
First Fall Outfit | OOTD

October 5th 2016
Colourful Fall | OOTD

October 10th 2016
My Top 5 Bloggers!

October 17th 2016
Portugal Fashion | Porto Fashion Week | Fashion Shows Recap + What I Wore

October 26th 2016
Neutrals And Pinks | Under 40€

October 31st 2016
Um... Fall? | OOTD

November 7th 2016
Blanket Scarf Love | OOTD

November 9th 2016
Holiday Party Season | What To Wear

November 16th 2016
Perfect Prom Dresses with Dress Fashion

November 21st 2016
It's Shorts And Tights Day | OOTD

November 23rd 2016
Black Friday Wishlist + 100th Post!

December 5th 2016
A Pastel Sweater | OOTD

December 15th 2016
A New Coat | OOTD

December 22nd 2016
Holiday Pyjamas

December 26th 2016
New Year's Eve Inspiration

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