I'm Obsessed With My Nails Again | Essence Base Coat and Topcoat REVIEW

by - January 20, 2020

When I was younger I loved painting my nails, it relaxed me and allowed me to express myself. The concentration needed to paint my nails made me forget about my problems and all the bad things happening in my life. 
Fast forward a few years and painting my nails becomes a chore. Maybe because I've had less and less time to do it or because I was working with my hands so much my nails kept breaking and the polish would chip very easily so what was the point in having a nice manicure?
But all of that changed when I started using this base coat and topcoat.
Essence can be a hit or miss although I still believe it's a very underrated brand. When I was in need of a new base coat and topcoat, these two seemed nice and their promises made me believe in them. And I was right for believing in them!

The Base Coat
This isn't a regular base coat. It doesn't promise to be strengthening or to make your nails healthier although it does obviously protect them from the main nail polish. It's not shiny or soft to the touch even after minutes of drying. This product dries down matte very quickly. It's very liquidy and the wide brush makes it easier to apply. And when I apply nail polish on top, the difference is obvious. It goes on so much smoother and easier and painting my nails becomes quicker than it has ever been. It says it makes your manicure last longer and the fact is my nails do last up to a week but since I'm still working with my hands a lot I can't say it happens every time, sometimes chips still happen very quickly but I do know it's totally my fault.

The Topcoat
This is by far the best top coat I've used. The brush is wide so it's easy to apply and the consistency is fluid so it glides over your nail polish easily. Not only that, but this topcoat is so shiny that it keeps your nails looking fresh and glossy for days, even when they eventually start chipping, they still look extremely shiny. And although this polish doesn't mention it, I don't know if they did it on purpose or not but the fact is, this dries my nails very quickly. Before, when I painted my nails before going to bed, I would wake up with blanket marks on my nails (if you've ever done this you know what I mean) and even when I painted my nails during the day, I felt like I had to be very careful for hours as to not mess up my still fresh nails. With this top coat, I can go to bed after painting my nails and I'll wake up with perfect manicure. And when doing it during the day, I feel comfortable doing anything not too long after I've applied this last coat.

I haven't used these two products separately to ensure if they work as good by themselves but even if they do, I think this combination is definitely the best and I'll keep on using it for as long as Essence allows me to (it's still listed on their website so I'm hopeful these products are gonna stay and aren't limited edition)

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx

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