2019 Accomplishments + 2020 Goals

by - January 13, 2020

I didn't make this the first post of 2020 because I wanted some time to think and also I thought I'd start the year with something fun.
So 2019 was a big year for me personally but I believe 2020 is gonna be even bigger, or so I hope.
In 2019 I was able to accomplish a lot of things I had set for myself personally, not only with the blog but also in my life. I was able to save money, which was huge for me (obviously not gonna say how much I saved but I reached a number in my bank account that I was dreaming of for years). I was also able to take more time for myself. As you've probably noticed (or maybe not) I didn't post this past year as many posts as years prior and that's because this was the year I felt the least motivated to write and I found myself running out of ideas and things to post about very often and that stressed me out a lot but I realized that I'd rather post less and make good quality posts than post a lot of nonsense that nobody cares about. So since I took 2019 for myself and my mental health, I'm gonna try to make 2020 a better year for the blog, enjoy writing more and make good quality content.
Now let's talk statistics. This past year, I surpassed my goal of 100.000 views, yay! As for successful posts, I can't quite put my finger on what kind of content has been the most successful. Before, I used to think reviews were the most viewed posts, and they're still at the top but personal posts have really rised in 2019. Apparently, you like my rants and getting to know me more. I'm not the biggest fan of sharing stuff like that so I'm not gonna say I'm gonna do more of those but at least it's nice to see that you care, so thank you for that. 
My most successful months were January and May and on average, my most successful days happen in the second week of the month. My most successful post as been the list of cruelty-free brands available in my country, but because that one is in Portuguese, the second most successful post is an update post, sharing why I did a hiatus and what happened in my life in the meantime (although it's from 2018, it gained a lot of attention in 2019). The third most successful post was a review of Flormar's primers. Most of the blog's entrances have come from organic Google searches and most of my viewers are from USA, Portugal and Israel.

Now let's talk about goals for 2020. As I've mentioned already, this year I'm gonna try to dedicate myself more to writing for the blog and creating content. Another goal is to improve engagement. I don't just want people to read my posts, I want to hear from you, I want to read what you enjoy and how I can improve what you don't enjoy as much. Another goal of mine is to get more brands to work with me. In 2019, we barely had any sponsored posts because I wanted to be more careful with my partnerships but this year I feel like we can improve on that front and get reputable brands to want to work with the blog.
When it comes to personal goals, I have a huge one that I'm not gonna share because I don't want to build expectations but if I accomplish it, I will share it with you since it'll be a huge part of my life.

How about you? Did you reach any of your goals last year? And what are your goals this year? Have a great 2020!

I hope you're having a great day, 
Marta Ribeiro xx 

Image by Pexels on Pixabay

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