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by - September 11, 2019

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Lately I haven't had the most time to check on my favourite blogs because I barely even turn on my laptop (today, Sunday the 8th is the first time I'm on my laptop since saturday last week) so I've been turning a lot to stuff I can do on my phone to catch up on my favourite people and to also have a bit fun and unwind after a day at work.
Hopefully you'll find someone new you like among this list of YouTube channels and Instagram accounts.

Not new to me or anyone, really, but for a long time Christine's videos didn't really spark much interest in me. Lately, I've been loving them. I think they're fun, entertaining, and both Christine and Ben have some important things to say sometimes. Definitely, recommend for both adults and teenagers.

I had heard so much about the Try Guys but I had never actually watched a video from them. A few months ago, one of their videos showed up on my recommended section and now I watch their videos every week without fail. They and their whole team put a lot of work into every video and I love how we can't really predict what they're gonna do next, like they're not a beauty channel or a fashion channel or a vlog channel, they just do so many things and have so many ideas I never know what I'm gonna be seeing next.

Not related to Gordon Ramsay, no. Chris is a magician that loves to solve puzzles and I love to watch him solve them. He does very simple (but not really) level 1 puzzles but you can also expect complicated level 10 puzzles from him. I guess there's just something very fun about watching someone lose their mind over a puzzle haha

Not gonna lie, I mainly got into BA's channel because of Claire's Gourmet Makes... After literal years of YouTube recommending it to me, I watched one episode and now I'm hooked. And now, I not only watch Claire's videos religiously, but I also love all the other cooks and watch their videos too (I gotta say I don't watch every single video they upload but I do watch the majority of them) and I don't even like cooking, it's just fun to watch, I swear.

I've said this a million times already, I'm a cheap person and I'm proud of it. I'm the one that will go to the moon and back to save 5 cents. I hate spending money even on necessities and a channel like The Financial Diet has helped me even more in saving money and has taught me a lot about it too. Definitely, recommend if you need to save up or just enjoy bargains.

Last but not least, my favourite "tea" channel. Spill is a team of very respectful people that deliver information without being biased or opinionated. They allow the viewers to form their own opinion which is completely different from any other tea channel I've seen. I love drama just like everybody else but I also want to know all sides of the story and not judge anyone based on uneducated information delivered poorly.

I had been following Angela's blog for a while before I got into her Instagram and lately I've been really loving her content as she's traveling Europe with her boyfriend. Her first destination was here in Portugal and I was so excited! Her photos look beautiful and her stories are always a delight to watch.

I was a big SacconeJoly's fan but lately, I haven't really found the motivation to watch their vlogs. On the other hand, Anna's instastories have been a must-watch for me every morning before I head off to work. The fact that she wakes up at 5am to work out is the perfect motivation to tackle a busy day.

Definitely more of a jokey one but it really is a cool account. Who doesn't love Bob's Burgers? This is my favourite account to browse through when I'm having lunch. I love memes, I love Bob's Burgers, I love a good laugh, it's just perfect.

She's a Portuguese model so all her posts will be in Portuguese but Instagram does have the option to translate people's posts so don't be lazy! She not only puts up pretty pictures, but her captions are also full of meaning and important messages that we should all hear every day. I love to see her posts on my feed throughout the day as if Instagram knew when I needed them.

I feel like I might've talked about this already but Nasa's Instagram account has the most beautiful pictures ever. And I found out about this because Ariana Grande once posted about it on Instastories, I believe and from that moment on, I fell in love with Nasa's account. Definitely recommend.

I hope you're having a great day, 
Marta Ribeiro xx 

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  1. I follow NASA too! Have done for ages! They have amazing content! I hope you're well and having a lovely October so far!

    Raindrops of Sapphire


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