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by - July 10, 2019

Long time, no OOTD, huh? I finally got the chance to shoot an outfit for you and also to give a little update on what's going on in my life since all the previous posts have been scheduled. I mean, I am writing this almost a week in advance but it's still pretty up to date, right?
When it comes to fashion, I've been getting some things on the current summer sale going on in almost every store in my country and I've found a love for shirts. Button up shirts. Yes, you read that right. But not boring ones, fun ones with fun patterns and colours. They feel so breezy in the warm temperatures and they look so good with simple jeans and sneakers. The one I'm wearing in today's post is one of them, it's so colourful and tropical, it's perfect for summer.
I've been kind of in a creative slump when it comes to blog posts, once again for the millionth time. I feel like I seem to still get a post up but I miss the times when my mind would race with tons of ideas and I'd fill pages of my notebook with them. I know this slump will pass and soon I'll be back at my regular self but it's still hard.
Stranger Things, anyone? No spoilers please, I'm gonna watch the first episode right after I finish writing this and by the time this post goes up I doubt I would've gotten through the whole season so please keep your mouth shut! But you can leave comments saying if you liked it or not, if it exceeded your expectations or not, feel free to share your opinion, just NO SPOILERS!
Another thing I've been thinking lately is the whole "if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life" thing. I'm 22 and I'm still pretty lost at what I want to do in life. I mean, I have some goals but they're so broad I don't know where to start. Is anyone my age feeling this way as well? If you're older, did you feel like this when you were my age? And also, all these bloggers and social media influencers whose full-time job is blogging, do you ever wonder if they actually enjoy it? They all say they do but do they really? Maybe they don't even realize it themselves that they'd rather be doing something else. Maybe they started blogging when it was still a hobby and once it started turning itself into a job, they just went with it and keep lying to themselves saying they love it. I mean, I'm sure there are lots of bloggers out there that love what they do but some others, I question if that's the case. I myself, have the amazing ability to hate things I love once they become serious. It has happened several times with this blog. Once I start getting a bit high on views, comments, proposals from brands is when I get a bit overwhelmed and take a break. And then I start all over again because I regret stopping when it was going so well. I just can't help but think that it must happen with other people as well, right? How can I love what I do if I start hating it once the responsibility and pressure hits?

OUTFIT \\ Shirt - Lefties \\ Jeans - Sfera (Old and, well, not white, read below) \\ Sneakers - Manuel Alves \\ Sunglasses - Ray Ban \\ Earrings - Magnolia

If these jeans seem new to you, they're not. Remember those pale yellow jeans I used to own? You can see them here and here. They had a little accident. They went into the washing machine with some blue pieces that stained my poor jeans. It wasn't the first time they had been in the same wash as other colours but this time, one specific piece really stained everything in there. My jeans turned out baby blue and it'd be fine if they didn't have spots all over them. They weren't stained evenly so the only thing to try and do was to bleach them and make them white. I wasn't gonna wear them spotty blue so it was either that or I'd get rid of them. Luckily, it worked and now I have white jeans. I really wanted a pair but they never fit me right but these fit just right and I basically got a new pair of jeans for free, I didn't wear the yellow ones that much anyways. Some things happen for a reason, I guess.

I hope you're having a great day, 
Marta Ribeiro xx 

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