Trends I Used To Hate But Now Love

by - March 27, 2019

As someone who's very involved with fashion, whether that is through my blog or because of the years I spent studying it, I'm very aware of trends. I can predict trends, imagine how they're gonna start or end and I can always get my creativity flowing on how to style these trends with my current style. 
My style has changed over the years so it gets harder to predict the trends I'm gonna like or dislike as my opinion can change rather quickly. I'm not afraid of being vocal about the trends I don't like, only that way I can focus on what I do like and people can get to know me better as style reflects your personality. We should always be comfortable in our own style and not go for something simply because everybody else is even though we don't particularly like it.
Over the years of having this blog I've mentioned certain trends I don't like that now I do or even trends I never mentioned and kept to myself for one reason or another but now turns out I like them. Opinions can change and it's normal to change your mind about things. I'm usually a very stubborn and proud person but as I grow up I realize it's okay to change opinions, everyone's allowed to grow and learn and saying "I used to have this opinion but now I've changed and grown" is probably the best thing you can do for yourself and how you relate to others.
On that note, today I'm gonna be talking about some trends I used to dislike but now adore.

Animal Print
One of the biggest trends right now. I always thought it looked too "middle-aged rich housewife" but the trend has evolved so much I really like where it's going. There are so many modern and sophisticated takes on the trend and there's even a smaller upcoming trend coming this spring that is a mutation of this one and that is pieces with prints of animals. Not prints of an animal like a tiger or cheetah but prints of animals like horses or flamingos or zebras. I really like both and I'm definitely gonna look out for some blouses with prints of animals this spring.

I don't even know if wearing a regular outfit with sneakers is considered athleisure, maybe not. But one thing I never liked was mixing sporty items with more classy or feminine items. The "dress and sneakers" trend always made me frown but the thing is I've been enjoying it lately. Sneakers are becoming a classic rather than a sporty item and it's one of those types of shoe everybody needs. I have quite a collection of sneakers and some of them even look the same and I would get frustrated sometimes because whenever I wanted a more classy or feminine look, I had no shoes to wear. Now, I don't mind mixing, thankfully.

Classic Trouser
This is kind of an old trend but it's something I never hopped on until now. I always had a more casual style and jeans were basically all I wore. Until I started my war on jeans, I never even gave trousers a chance. But then I saw how cool bloggers and influencers looked with their classy or fun patterned trousers and I completely changed my mind. And when tartan and plaid came in this past fall I was sold.

Does anyone remember a post a did a long time ago stating pieces and trends I'd never wear? On that post I mentioned, I didn't like the colours khaki and green and I still dislike khaki but since I dyed my hair ginger I've been really loving green on me. I feel like colours like khaki and camo are a trend every year and I always dismissed it but this fall I couldn't ignore it. I got my hands on a couple green pieces, from emerald to dark green, I'm loving this trend and I'm taking it into spring with brighter hues.

This is more of an accessories trend but I thought I'd still mention it because why not. I always disliked hoops even before I pierced my ear, they always gave me anxiety. Looking at someone with hoops only made me imagine someone grabbing them and pulling, tearing the earlobe. I blame this on all the gym teachers that told us stories of people who tore their earlobes during gym class. Today, I can see past that fear even though the other day I was trying on a new pair of earrings (the ones on this post) and I accidentally knocked and pulled one and I almost had a breakdown and returned them... My ear is fine, I didn't pull that hard, but man that was intense.

Puffer Coat
Or the Michelin man coat as I like to call it. I never really liked these because of that exact reason. I always thought they made me look fat and that they weren't flattering at all. My mom kind of pressured me to get a water-resistant coat and while browsing the department store near us I found one I liked. At that moment I didn't have any money on me so I thought I'd go back the next day and get it. Inpatient me didn't want to wait that long so when I got home I grabbed my wallet and went back there with my mom. We ended up finding another coat we both liked more, the difference is this one was puffy and bigger. The moment I tried it on was the moment I realized a trend I hated was now loved. It taught me a lesson though. Most of the trends I end up liking happen after I try them on so be adventurous and try that trend you hate, you might actually change your mind.

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx

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  1. Thanks for your honesty! I know what you mean and you are wearing the trends very well.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by!

    2. You're welcome! Have a happy rest of the week! xx Rena

  2. I feel the same way about animal print too...haha. I always thought it looked tacky. But over the years I've started to like it - it just has to be the right print. It's funny how if I see a trend around long enough I start to like

    1. It's the same with me. I feel like because we see it so many ways and styled so differently from person to person it makes us see a side of it and like it. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I really came around with the classic trousers as well. I used to hate that 'trend' but I wore a pair of high waisted trousers the other day out at night and it totally made me come around.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. It's amazing how a trend we hate can become loved once we try it on. Thanks for stopping by!


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