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by - March 13, 2019

I was never too interested in what colours looked better on me until I heard YouTuber Anna Saccone talk about it. I immediately went on the blog she mentioned, Cardigan Empire, and checked out all she had to say about colour analysis. I found out I was categorized as deep autumn and what colours looked best on me. I definitely recommend you visit Rachel's blog and find out what category you are.
On that note, today I'm gonna be talking a little bit about what metals look best on you, considering your hair colour, skin undertone, and eye colour. Sometimes when picking jewelry it can be hard to know what looks best, silver or gold?

First, let's look at skin tone. Is your undertone warm or cool? An easy way to tell is by looking at your veins in your wrist. Are they blue? In that case, you most likely have a cool undertone. Do you have green veins? Then you're probably warm. Do you tan or burn easily? If you tan, you're warm, if you burn, you're cool. When you buy foundations, do you feel like yellow undertones look best or pink undertones? In case of darker skins tones, do you like foundations with orange or grey undertones?

Now for hair, it's pretty simple, is your hair a warm blonde, ginger or chocolate brown? Or a platinum blonde or ashy black? If it's the first option, you have warm toned hair while on the second option, it's cool toned hair.

For eyes is pretty simple as well, are your eyes a warm brown or hazel? Or are they a cool blue or green?

If you have cool skin, hair, and eyes, the best metal will definitely be silver. It'll compliment the coolness and not look too brass or warm which looks out of place in such a cool base. You can have fun and mix silver with soft and cool tones or pearls and crystals.

My hair, skin, and eyes are warm toned so I don't have much jewelry in silver but I do have tons of pearl earrings.
Small pearls - Parfois \\ Faux Crystal Studs - Claire's \\ Big Pearls - H&M \\ Medium Pearls - Vilanova \\ Pearl "Flower" - Vilanova \\ Silver Studs - Claire's

If you have warm hair, eyes, and skin then gold is the way to go. It's warm and fits right into the warm base of your skin and hair. For colours, you can have fun with bright and warm colours, colourful crystals and precious rocks.

My Current Favourites
Fan Earrings - Parfois \\ Cascading Squares Earrings - Parfois \\ Hoops - Primark \\ Stainless Steel Tree of Life Bracelet - Parfois \\ Sterling Silver Phases of the Moon Necklace - Parfois

For warm hair and skin and cool eyes, you can get away with both silver and gold but it's normal to be more inclined towards gold since the base for jewelry is warm. With colours, stay away from dark colours and neutrals such as grey and white and let your cool eyes pop.

For cool hair and skin and warm eyes, you can also get away with both silver and gold but it's normal to be more inclined towards silver. With colours, stay away from warm yellows, oranges, and browns. Have fun with bright colours and colours that are a bit warm like corals, pinks, and burgundy.

It's unlikely that your hair and skin have different temperatures but if that happens, go for a trial and error situation. What colours do you think look best on you? Ask your loved ones and people who see you every day what their opinion is. Do you think silver washes you out too much? Or is gold too out of place?

Something I like to do when wearing colour, as gold is the metal that looks the best on me, I always pick pieces that have colour and gold in them. For instance, if a piece has colour but also silver on it I usually don't go for it even if the colour itself is flattering for my skin, hair, and eyes.

Can you tell I have a particular obsession with earrings right now?
Crystal and Green Earrings - Vilanova \\ Colourful Drop Hoops - Parfois \\ Red and Gold Studs - Parfois \\ Green Earrings - Vilanova

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx

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  1. What a very informative post! I think I´m a warm tone although I both wear gold and silver jewelry depending on the color palette of the outfit that I´m wearing. ;)

    1. I've seen people with warm skin, hair and eyes wear silver and it looks amazing on them so I think style makes a difference as well. Thank you for stopping by!

  2. such a informative post to read, I think really need that kind of posts. You have very beautiful collection.
    xo Corina

  3. So cute earring!! I love them!
    Have a great day dear! xx

    La ilusión de Nina -

  4. I didn't know we have metals that works best for us! Thanks for the heads up, dear!! Will definitely check it out now!


  5. Hey, your blog post is amazing, I love your content and website. Keep up the good work. Looking forward for more such amazing work from your side.

  6. Very informative, Marta! I love wearing pearls and silver toned jewelry pieces but I have no ideas how they would work for me. Thanks for sharing =)

  7. Great advice! Thanks for sharing. Xo, Ellese


  8. this is so nice
    Hope you are having a nice tuesday?

    1. I am having a nice tuesday, thank you very much. Have a great day yourself!

  9. This is really interesting! I prefer gold jewelry because I like the warmth. But I might have cool skin and warm hair/eyes so not sure which metal would be best for me!

    1. Wear whatever you think looks good, these are just tips for people who aren't sure but at the end of the day, we have to wear what we think looks best, fashion rules are meant to be broken sometimes. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. wow looked this post thanks for sharing


  11. Very interesting and informative!

    Mariya |

  12. I love pearl earrings. I have two pairs, one of them is by Guess and I am totally inlove.

    1. I love pearls too, I never thought I'd like them as much as I do. Thanks for stopping by!


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