Flormar Mattifying Primer & Pore Minimizer Primer REVIEW

by - March 06, 2019

I wasn't even gonna review this primer because it's not new or anything but I love it so much I had to share it with the world for all those people with combination skin looking for a review on this product.
Initially, I got the pore minimizer one and I thought it was good, not great but good enough. And then I decided to try out the mattifying one and I love it way much.

The pore minimizer one is in a gel consistency in a transparent colour and as soon as you put it on you feel it sitting on your skin and it mattifies it immediately. It does minimize pores and if you have oily skin you might like this one more as it really dries out your skin and keeps the oil away. It doesn't have a very distinct or bad smell, it goes away once you blend it and add more products to your face. After drying out a bit you'll still feel kind of a film on your skin but it's totally ready for you to continue your makeup. As I have combination skin, I see this primer working best with very dewy foundations. It makes everything look smooth and matte. If I use it with a matte foundation though it looks way too dry and starts breaking up my foundation after a couple of hours.

The mattifying one is by far my favourite. The pore minimizer one was almost over so I thought I'd get a new one and take the opportunity to try a different one. I could've picked from the mattifying one, the illuminating one or the green anti-blemish one. I decided to try the mattifying one and
I do not regret it, at all. The consistency is different from the pore minimizer, it's creamier and white. It has a stronger scent but it's not bad either, it reminds me of an acne product I used to use in my teens but I can't put my finger on what it is (I used so many...). This one is easier to spread around the skin since it's more liquidy than the other one. It doesn't leave a film on your face, it sinks into the skin and dries pretty quickly. Unlike the pore minimizer, I can definitely use this with either dewy and matte foundations. It's not too dry or heavy and it perfects the skin really well, the pores become invisible, the texture is softened and makes my base last longer whether that is liquid or powder products. I feel like both dry and oily skins could like this primer but I also see how this wouldn't be their absolute favourite. I think this one is perfect for people with combination skin like mine because it suits both dry and oily parts of my face without drying or oiling either of them.

I haven't tried the illuminating or anti-blemish ones but I really want to even though I'm not sure how I'll like them after trying such a great one.

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx

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  1. Oh I've never tried this brand! Is it good overall?

    1. The products can be a hit or miss. I think they have some really good gems like these primers and their nail polishes but overall I'd say they're good, you just have to try it out and see. They're pretty inexpensive as well. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I definitely need a pore minimizing primer so I should check this one out!

    1. I definitely recommend these. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. This is so nice and the mattifying effect is cool

  4. Will definitely have to add these to my list!

  5. Never heard of this brand, but it looks promising! I'm not using a primer right now so I'll definitely check these out!


    1. Definitely recommend them. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  6. Those look pretty cool. Never tried them until now.

    Dessy | www.satinoflux.com | Fashion blog

    1. They're great. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  7. Thanks for sharing this! I've been looking into different primers and didn't really know which ones to choose from! This was really helpful.
    xx Jenifer


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