Photoshoot Under a Bridge | OOTD

by - December 04, 2018

It was raining a lot but I wanted to get these pictures so we had to take them where it didn't rain: under a bridge.
Both of the main pieces from this outfit are from Springfield, one of my favourite shops and I wasn't even planning on wearing them at the same time but after trying so many tops with these trousers there wasn't any that was warm and that looked good with them at the same time. So I settled for this one and it actually turned out really good even though we had a few bumps in the road (I spilled foundation all over one of the sleeves and lipstick on the hem that's tucked in) and this jumper is actually on sale so get it before it's too late!
These trousers are the most comfortable thing ever (besides sweatpants and pajama pants). When you wear jeans every day for so many years it feels so liberating to wear this kind of loose pants. They're warmer than jeans, more comfortable and more eco-friendly. I would've ditched jeans earlier if I knew trousers could be this comfy.

OUTFIT \\ Coat - Zara \\ Jumper - Springfield \\ Trousers - Springfield \\ Shoes - Manuel Alves \\ Scarf - Local Shop \\ Earrings - H&M

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx

All of the pictures are protected by Copyright. Any use without given credit is punished by law.

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  1. This is a perfect match and even better that the trousers are so comfortable!
    xx Rena

    1. They're the most comfortable pair I own, I've been trying to get another in a similar fabric and shape but I haven't found anything yet. Thanks for stopping by!


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