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by - November 22, 2018

Christmas is just around the corner or if it isn't I like to believe it is. And because I like to think of things ahead of time I thought I'd also give you some ideas of cheap but good items so that you don't have to worry about those people who you don't really know well and don't want to get something expensive for, you know the "I'm only getting them a gift because it's polite" kind of thing.

Asos has pretty much everything. From fashion to beauty to decor and so much more, you can find whatever you're looking for. They have tons of cheaper brands as well as more expensive ones, you just have to set the preferences for cheaper items and I'm sure you'll find something cheap and trustworthy.

I never gave Rituals a chance really until I walked in one of their stores this past weekend and realized their prices weren't as high as I had imagined. I had tried their stuff before but it was always a gift so I didn't know how much it cost but I was pleasantly surprised. Their products range from skincare to male grooming and scents like candles and diffusers. They have stores all across Europe and some in the USA.

Flying Tiger
No other shop comes to mind when thinking of fun and cheap presents. If you want to give the funny/jokey present there's no better place to get it from but Flying Tiger. They have pretty much everything from stationary, dog toys, games, decor, kitchen and bathroom apparel, and much much more, you'd just have to see for yourself.

If you're thinking "yeah Primark is cheap but their products aren't that great" just know that I hear you and I know. But I'm here to talk to you about something you probably haven't noticed: their candles. They're not the cheapest I've seen but they're still pretty cheap. And they're amazing quality. I have a few scattered around my room and I can assure you they smell amazing and are worth every penny. They also have some things that could be good presents such as letter boards, fuzzy socks, pillows and bedding and baby clothes that some parents prefer since they stop fitting babies really quickly so they'll get barely any use so it might as well be cheap.

Beauty Bay
If beauty is the way to go then Beauty Bay is the right place to shop for cheaper brands like Stila, L.A. Girl, Wet n Wild, Yes To, The Ordinary, etc. They also have haircare, nails and bath and body, not to mention gift sets specially made for gifting. Everybody loves a good body wash or face mask.

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx

Picture above taken from Pixabay.

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