Skincare Routine for Occasional Breakouts

by - October 29, 2018

I dealt with acne when I was a teenager and now that I'm an adult it doesn't mean the acne is completely out of my life. I still have acne scars that remind me of those times when I had my face filled with pimples and I still get occasional breakouts here and there.
I've heard from a dermatologist that what you eat doesn't have an impact on your acne but I think I might have to disagree. Many other dermatologists agree with me that food can have an impact on your skin. What you eat affects your entire body and pimples focused in a certain place of your face can indicate health problems in a certain organ. Not to mention all the fats and grease and hormones in today's food that might manifest on your skin. Therefore, I do notice that when I go a while eating lots of junk I get breakouts. This usually happens once a month, before my period in which I get cravings and I get extremely hungry a day or two before it shows up and then I end up eating a lot of things I shouldn't eat. There are some months in which I try to eat good but sometimes I fail and that's when pimples show up.
My breakouts consist of yellow pimples (you know the ones, those disgusting a-holes) and really red and infected pimples. The red ones are definitely the ones that hurt the most because they're really sore and they're also the ones that take the longest to leave.
When I have breakouts like these I tend to change my skincare routine a bit and today I'll be sharing it with you in hopes of maybe helping someone fight off breakouts or find new products of you have acne.
I feel like it's also important to share my skin type which is combination. I have dry spots and oily spots and sometimes it's both in the same spot so it's always been hard to find products that work on my entire face.

In the morning I don't do much because I once tried to have a very extensive routine both in the morning and at night and I'd ended up really dry or really oily so I focus most of the products in my nighttime routine and keep the mornings simple.
Because I came from a night of sleep I tend to use a soft cleanser like the Oriflame Love Nature Raspberry Face Wash. It's very gentle and it foams up really nicely which allows me to use my electric facial cleanser (similar to Foreo's one) that makes my skin super soft and the vibrations really help with toning down redness and puffiness, I definitely recommend getting some sort of electric facial cleanser because they really do help. 
Then, I use a toner I made myself with some water and tea tree oil. I had an old bottle that I used for this but once it ends I use another one just in case the plastic gets damaged as I've always heard you shouldn't reuse plastic bottles. I just fill up the bottle with water and then put in a few drops of pure tea tree oil and shake it really well. It's also important to shake it again before each use as the oil and water get separated over time. I put a bit of the toner in a cotton pad and use it all over my face but then I go back in the pimples again to make sure they're well covered.
Then I moisturize normally with my Oriflame Love Nature Wild Rose Day Cream.

At nighttime, I use a few different products. First, I start by taking my makeup off with micellar water to remove the first layer of makeup and then I go in with a makeup removing cleanser to remove the rest. That's pretty standard.
Then, I use a more consistent facial cleanser to clean my skin a bit better since I was wearing makeup all day. I usually use the Bonté Facial Cleaning Gel and really spend my time massaging it and then I go with my electric facial cleanser again.
After I'm done with that and my skin is clean and dry I use my tea tree toner again just like in the morning. The only difference is that when it dries down I go with a cotton bud and apply the pure oil (not the diluted one) on my pimples. I feel like it really helps combat them quicker.
Once it all dries down I apply an eye cream (not relevant to the breakouts) and then I apply a heavy moisturizer. It's important for you to use a heavy nighttime moisturizer that you trust and know it won't break you out because sometimes this kind of products will cause pimples so try different ones and see which ones you like best. I prefer the Bonté Hydrating Night Cream, it's heavy duty, hydrates my skin and doesn't break me out.

Occasional Treatments
It's important to keep your exfoliator/mask/facial schedule strict during a breakout. In these times I like to use a charcoal face mask like the Babaria Black Mask. I also like to save my pore strips for these times so that I keep my pores clean and keep the pimples from spreading more throughout my face. I also love to use a physical exfoliator because I feel like it will heal my skin faster but if you have sensitive skin you might want to use a chemical exfoliator. If you get facials done often you might want to warn the person doing it to be extra gentle on your pimples in case they're sore and so that they don't pop and cause a scar.

P.S. - I couldn't find any of the Oriflame products I talked about online, they're probably discontinued but they have several scents of the same exact product so just pick your favourite.

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx

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  1. I have a pretty extensive skincare routine! That charcoal mask sounds nice!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

    1. I wish I had an extensive skincare routine but I don't have the patience and I'm not sure if it'd be good for my skin, it can be quite a diva sometimes haha Thanks for stopping by Jennifer!


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