Fall Wishlist

by - October 22, 2018

Today I bring you a fall wishlist. I hadn't done one in a while and I missed it. I like to do these because I can compile in one place all of the things I'm looking forward to getting this fall and it kind of puts everything in perspective and what's easily obtainable and what's not.
Now to talk a little bit about my picks. This fluffy emerald sweater is exactly what I was looking for. This fabric is super soft and it makes me wanna snuggle it all day and I NEED more pieces made of it. The trousers and the skirt are a huge trend right now and I love it. It's a very mature pattern and I know I'm gonna be wearing these for a long time, even after the trend is gone. The fedora... I think I mentioned it last year that I wanted a fedora hat and maybe this year is the year I finally get it. The loafers are the kind of shoe I never loved and never paid much attention to it but recently I've been seeing this model and similar shoes a lot and it has kind of grown on me. I'll maybe pay a visit to some shoe shop and try some on and see how I like them. The hoops and the pearls are just some staple earrings I really want. I was never a fan of hoops but then again I've been seeing them so much they've grown on me and it's the same with the pearls. I already have some tiny small pearls and now I was looking for something a bit bigger and these are a perfect size.

1 - Fluffy Knit Jumper - Asos \\ 2 - Check Strap Fedora - Asos \\ 3 - Trousers - Springfield \\ 4 - Skirt - Springfield \\ 5 - Gold Hoops - Parfois \\ 6 - Faux Pearl Earrings - Asos \\ 7 - Pointed Loafers - Asos

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx

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  1. These are lovely picks, I love them all :)



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