One thing I noticed this year was that I didn't really have any casual summer tops that I could through on with anything. I have loads of summer pieces that are a statement on themselves, but simple tops to wear on dog walks or just casually around the house, my wardrobe was lacking them. I decided to make the most of the current sales and get some tops. I got a couple from H&M and Tezenis.
I really love the colours and the pattern of the one in these photos, you can't go wrong with florals. I decided to wear it two different ways because my mom suggested I'd wear one thing while walking Kiko and then change the outfit to go have some ice cream at a new place that opened near my house. That way, I'd get two different outfits. It was a good idea so I took my mom's advice and that way you get to see how I style the same top in two different ways.

OUTFIT 1 \\ Top - Tezenis \\ Jeans - Springfield \\ Sneakers - Newfeel\\ Earrings - Parfois \\ Sunglasses - Ray Ban

OUTFIT 2 - Top - Tezenis \\ Trousers - Springfield \\ Sneakers - Newfeel\\ Earrings - Parfois \\ Sunglasses - Ray Ban

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx

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  1. Such a cute cami! I hope you have a great day!

    xx Leah /


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