Tips For Creative Blocks

by - June 11, 2018

It happens to all of us with creative jobs. Or just creative hobbies. And it's equally frustrating whether it's a job or a hobby. If it's your job then it's slightly more worrying but eventually, the block goes away. If it doesn't go away naturally then we need to work on making it go. Since I started the blog I've had a few blocks and I've always found ways to break through them so don't worry, no matter how long you've had your block for, you'll work it out.

It's always great to have some relaxation routine for any occasion that you may need and creative blocks are a great opportunity to bust out your relaxation routine. Relaxing the body helps you relax your mind and sometimes, clearing your mind is the key to get it going. Lit up your candles, get the bath and music ready, even get a few snacks and a good book and you'll be sure to get some new ideas flowing in no time.

Get inspired
This is a basic thing to do but sometimes we can feel a bit lazy or do a bit of research and end up not finding anything interesting. It's not just about trying to find inspiration, it's about knowing where to find it. Don't expect to declutter your brain right away, you have to give it time and really get things going inside your mind to really get somewhere. Don't lose hope and if you're not able to get something one day, try again the next day or a few hours later.

Our brain is always working and sometimes we get ideas when we weren't really meaning to so always write them down so that next time you're in a creative block you can go back to all those ideas you had that you didn't use and get one from there. Not only you'll be able to wait it out while you have the block, you'll also not worry about not doing your job and disappointing someone.

Create in other ways
Sometimes, just because we're having a creative block on one thing, it doesn't mean we can't get creative on another subject. For example, if you have a fashion blog and you're having a block, go painting or drawing or play an instrument and get creative in another way, maybe it'll unlock your creativity.

Mind games
Games that stimulate your mind might help you out. Whether they're games on your phone or games you play by yourself with a pen and paper. Stimulating your mind can help it working quicker and move the gray clouds that keep your brain foggy and that keep all the good ideas away.

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx

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