How To Take Care of Colour Treated Hair

by - May 11, 2018

Many people would love to change their hair colour. Some don't because they think it's expensive or that it's a lot of work. Yes, it's time-consuming and you need money to do it but it's not as expensive and hard as some people may think. I dyed my hair about 8 months ago and I've been trying to take care of it as much as possible so that it keeps being healthy and pretty. If you're thinking of dying your hair or have done it and don't really know how to take care of it in a simple and inexpensive way, keep reading and I'll share my tips with you! If you have any additional tips I didn't mention and that work for you, leave them in the comments below and it might help me or others!

Hair dye comes off when you wash your hair. It doesn't come off massively but if you wash your hair too much you'll notice your hair will slowly start losing its colour. In my case, because I bleached my hair first, if I don't apply hair dye to the length and ends of my hair when I dye my roots, my hair would be yellow by now. If you wash it a lot you can make the transition slowly. In the beginning, it might not look very good and the hair dye won't help but think of it in the long run.

Shampoo and conditioner
You might not believe me but you don't have to spend a lot of money on shampoo and conditioner for colour treated hair. If you decide to get your hair done at the hair salon they might try to sell you professional products but the truth is, there are great products that are just as good and cheaper. All you have to do is some research. And do it before you dye your hair so that you can prepare well.

Additional care
Shampoo and conditioner are the basic hair care but when you dye your hair you need some extra care to make sure you don't damage your hair and that the colour looks good at all times. Hair masks, hair oils, hydrating dry shampoos and hairsprays, treatments, and anything else you can imagine. You don't have to use everything I mentioned, obviously, but making some small changes can help a lot. For example, a moisturizing or specific hairspray for coloured hair instead of the one you used before. Hair oils are a great and cheap way to do it as well because with those, a little bit goes a long way so one bottle will last a long time. Pick your favourite products and what works best for you and your lifestyle. Other simpler tips are washing with cooler water, not colour your hair too often, eat foods that help strengthen your hair like almonds, spinach, berries, nuts and seeds.

Be careful
When you colour your hair it becomes fragile. Because of that, you need to be careful and not use heat a lot. It will damage your hair and even if you do apply heat once in a while you will need a heat protector and make sure you do everything possible to prevent your hair from getting more damaged. Use a brush that doesn't break your hair. Don't do complicated hairstyles that might damage your hair while doing them or when taking them off.

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx

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