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by - April 16, 2018

I've noticed that for a while now I haven't really bought any new makeup. I haven't ventured out that much with my makeup looks either and I miss it. I mean, the fact that I only wear makeup 1 or 2 days a week doesn't help.
I love makeup and just like every makeup lover, I have some products that I'd love to get one day and try them out for myself but haven't gotten around to get them for several reasons.
Here's a list of all those products my makeup collection is lacking.

High-end foundation
Don't judge me but I've always thought foundations weren't worth the money. If I can find a good and cheap foundation than that's perfect. Foundation is the kind of thing that you wear every day so I don't see the point in spending too much money on it and having to get a new bottle every other month. Although, I hope to come to a point where I can get a high-end foundation and not make a huge dent in my bank account. The day I get a high-end foundation is a day I'm financially stable to the point where I can spend an insane amount of money on a product I'll have to keep repurchasing.

We all know Too Faced's chocolate range, right? Ever since the first palette came out I've been a fan without even trying anything. I've been to Sephora, I've swatched it, I've thought of buying one of the palettes countless times but I always give up. And nowadays, not only we have palettes in the range, we also have other chocolate smelling products that I'd love to get as well even though the palettes are first on my list.

There are a bunch of drugstore brands I'd love to try but can't because they're not available in my country. Some of them are sold online but there are others that I cannot get unless I travel to America or to the UK. And even though I can get some online, having to pay for shipping is something I highly dislike. I don't know what it is but I just feel like having 30€ of shopping and then having to pay like 30€ in shipping is just not pleasant. That's actually one of the reasons I haven't bought anything from Colourpop, their shipping is so expensive! Other brands I'd love to try are Wet n Wild, Physicians Formula, Elf, L.A. Girl, Pixi, Jordana and BH Cosmetics.

False Lashes
I did get individual lashes a while ago for my brother's wedding but since then I haven't worn them again and I've never even tried the other kind of lashes. It's something I really want to try but I've heard so much about them that I don't even know what to go for. What kind of glue, do I go for a thin band or a thick band, since my lashes are already long and thick do I go for something natural or glam? I guess I'm just gonna have to get some and try them out.

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx

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