How My Wardrobe is Organized

by - April 26, 2018

I never had an organized wardrobe. I never cared enough to have it organized. My wardrobe wasn't that big and I didn't have that many clothes, plus I knew where everything was (or that's what I would tell myself). Recently, when I decided to declutter my life, starting with my social media (I even did a blog post on that, check it out here) I got the urge to organize my wardrobe. Coincidentally, my mum had bought some new pink clothes hangers that day so I was even more excited to use them.
My first decision was to put my most used pieces in the center so that I could open the middle door and get what I wanted instead of having to open one of the side ones and have something fall out of them since I also use the bottom part for storage. The items I use the most are coats. I use one every day, especially in the winter and even in the summer I sometimes grab a lightweight jacket. So in the middle, I have coats and jackets.
On the left, I have pieces I don't usually wear. Hats, pieces I'm only keeping because I made them when I was in school or other pieces I only use at home and don't go out with.
On the right, that's when things get interesting. I didn't really know where to start. I thought it'd be best to separate things in seasons. But then I also wanted to separate things into categories. So I combined both. I put things together by category, followed by season. For example, I have summer dresses and next to it, winter dresses. Summer jeans/trousers and next to them, winter jeans/trousers and so on and so forth. That helps me to look for the pieces I want because they're all in the same place and then I pick accordingly to the weather. I found this method to be so easy and quick.
Besides my wardrobe, I also have a dresser and a bedside table with two drawers. My dresser has four drawers and I organize them by season. In my dresser, I keep all of those pieces I can't put on a clothes hanger because it'll stretch them out. Pieces like cardigans, jumpers, cute tops, etc. On the top drawers, I keep my jumpers. They're the pieces I reach out to the most because that's all I wear in the colder months. On the bottom drawers, I keep my summer tops and cardigans which I don't reach out to as much because in the summer I go back and forth between using tops and bottoms or a dress or jumpsuit, not to mention the days I go to the beach in which I don't actually wear regular clothes. I find this easier because then I don't have to stretch every day to get the pieces I wear the most because they'll be in the top drawers.
On my bedside table, I keep my underwear in one drawer and my socks, tights, and gloves in the other. With this one, I don't really have any particular way of organization.
And that's how I organize my clothes! Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any tips that work for you and how you organize your wardrobe yourself.

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx 

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