Brands I Don't Miss After Going Cruelty-free

by - April 23, 2018

When I went cruelty-free with my beauty items, about two years ago, I thought I was gonna miss a lot of releases from many good brands and I thought of giving up a few times but my love for the animals was always stronger. After a while, I found other bloggers who were just as passionate about cruelty-free beauty as I was and I didn't feel so alone. I also realized that the cruelty-free beauty movement was growing and more and more people were interested in it and in changing their beauty habits. And while at first, it seemed hard to get cruelty-free beauty in my country, over time I found more and more cruelty-free brands and also more brands entered the Portuguese market. Now I can definitely say that I'm 100% happy with the decision I made and there are a ton of brands I never imagined myself without that now I don't miss, at all.
If you're just starting with cruelty-free beauty or if you're simply interested in it, here are a few brands that might seem necessary to you but that one day you won't even think of them.

While to me, L'oreal was a staple and a great cheap brand, now I don't miss it at all. Looking back, I don't think their products are that good anymore and even though they're a drugstore brand, I can definitely find cheaper brands and with products just as good if not even better than L'oreal. I also feel like a while ago, L'oreal was much better positioned among social media influencers and that now they've kind of been forgotten due to so many other drugstore brands emerging.

Maybelline is the same case as L'oreal. I used to love it but now I don't miss it at all. They're about the same price point as L'oreal and the quality is pretty much the same. In fact, I still have a couple Maybelline products from my before cruelty-free times. When I began, I didn't throw away my noncruelty-free products, I used them up and then threw them away but for some reason, there are a few that I couldn't really use up because in the meantime I got other products that I liked more and then eventually forgot about the others.

Makeup For Ever
This isn't really a brand I used to use, I don't even know if at the time it was available in my country. If it wasn't, it is now and has been for a while and even though I hear so much about it all over the internet, I don't really feel like I'm missing anything. It feels like a great brand but I think I can find cruelty-free brands that are just as good. I don't see anything special about it and don't mind not using it.

I never had a huge love for Revlon anyway. It never called to me or caught my attention. It wasn't a brand I used regularly and wasn't sad to leave behind when going cruelty-free.

Same thing as Revlon. It had cute packaging that did get my attention but other than that, I was never really that interested. There have been some releases in the meantime that did catch my attention but they weren't interesting enough to make me break my promise to animals.

Before you think "But you used Chanel before?". No, I didn't. But I think we can all agree Chanel is a great brand that I'm sure has amazing quality. So many people swear by it and I feel like I could too simply because everybody else does. Now thinking about it, I don't feel like I'm missing anything by not using Chanel. I don't see anything special about it besides maybe the good quality. But then again, there are cruelty-free brands just as good and with more exciting products.

I was a huge Avon customer. I had a bunch of things from Avon and was gutted when I discovered it wasn't cruelty-free. Now? I couldn't care less. Looking back, the products weren't that great and they were even a bit overpriced. I think Essence and Catrice have better products for a smaller price. Plus, with Avon, you couldn't really be 100% sure of what you were ordering. You have to order stuff from a catalog while with brands like Essence or Catrice, you can get the products after seeing them in person.

I hope you're having a great day, 
Marta Ribeiro xx 

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