Tips and Tricks for Broken Nails

by - February 26, 2018

I can't be the only one whose nails always break in a place where I can't cut them. According to a specialist, my nails are really strong so they break in the place where they're the weakest which is halfway through the nail. If you've ever broken a nail there then you know how painful and annoying it is, constantly getting it stuck in your hair and clothes. Over the years I've found little tricks to keep the nail from breaking even further (once it happened so badly that it wouldn't stop bleeding and I had to get a gel nail put on top of it to prevent infections) and from being annoying until it grows out enough for me to cut the broken part and I'm gonna share these tricks with you.

This is my most primary way of hiding a broken nail. Wrap a band-aid around the nail and secure it enough that the broken bit is completely covered and there isn't a risk of it getting stuck on things. The bad side? It wears off, especially if you wash your hands a lot. You'd have to change it every day until it grows out enough, not to mention the fact of it being annoying, to constantly have a band-aid on your finger.

Cut it short
Besides being more comfortable, cutting the broken nail short will make the broken area smaller, lowering the probability of getting it stuck everywhere or breaking it even more. You should not only cut it short but also file a bit on the sides and on top, making the broken part even. It might not seem like a lot but it does help.

Teabag hack
Have you ever heard of the teabag hack? If so but don't believe it works, I've tried it and it does work. If not, I'll explain. The teabag hack consists of cutting a small piece of a teabag and glueing it to your nail. First, you'll want to do all the steps above about cutting it short and filling your nail on the sides and on top. Then, a cut a small bit of a  teabag, big enough to cover the entire break on your nail. Then, apply a coat of clear nail polish and while it's wet, carefully apply the piece of teabag and press. Wait for the polish to dry and then apply another coat. Wait for it to dry completely and then file it a bit so that it becomes less noticeable but be careful not to file it down too much or it won't work. Would be even better if you had a tiny nail file. File the edges of the teabag square or rectangle to blend it into the nail and leave the centre untouched. Then, apply another layer of clear polish and after it's dry you can add whatever colours of nail polish you want. This hack won't last forever because it does wear off but it lasts enough and I do it all the time when I have a broken nail. If you need visuals, here's a very helpful pin.

Polish is enough
Sometimes, when the break isn't too severe, a good few coats of nail polish do the trick. You'd have to be very careful though as it isn't completely fool-proof but it is something that works if the break is in a finger you don't use much and if the break is only a couple millimetres long. Currently, my left thumb has a break like that and a few coats of nail polish are working perfectly well, just remember to do the filling on the sides and on top as well before painting to make everything appear evener.

Gel or acrylic
The most expensive option is getting gel or acrylic to hide the break and therefore not have it getting stuck everywhere. Out of all the options, besides being the most expensive, it's also the one that works the best. Like I said before, one time, I had to get gel put on top of my nail because it broke so much it bled a lot and I didn't want to get an infection so the gel protected the nail until it was grown out enough for me to cut the broken part. I don't know if it's possible to get only one gel nail in all nail salons but just try to find a nice one that allows you to do that or just get all your nails done and then you won't have any breaks in the future since both gel and acrylic are so strong and when well applied won't break.

I hope you're having a great day, 
Marta Ribeiro xx

Picture above taken from Pixabay.

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  1. I needed to read this! My nails keep breaking!

    xx Leah /

    1. Hopefully I could help! Thank you for stopping by!


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