Catrice Brown Collection Nail Polish REVIEW

by - February 08, 2018

When I was younger I used to be obsessed with nail polish. I used to change the polish on my nails every week and I loved trying new colours and buying new polishes. Over time, I started to develop other interests in the beauty department and the nail category was kind of forgotten.
Recently, I've fallen back in love with nails and for the past year or so I've been trying to build my collection back again. I always try to get shades I know I don't have already or shades similar to ones that are almost over and that I want to try another brand of. This particular one by Catrice was a total accident though. I sometimes check Catrice's website to see the latest products and their nail polish always sparked some interest. I decided to just check them out next time I went to a shop that sold them and I ended up actually buying one. I found this "Brown Collection" very interesting. I was never very interested in nude nail polish until I got one from Flormar and it's now one of my absolute favourite shades ever. I decided to give Catrice nail polish a try and I'm not disappointed.

Shade 03 Goddess of Bronze

They're a bit pricier than Flormar's cheapest line and the quality is basically the same. They last a really long time on the nails and don't chip easily. They're very pigmented, you'd only need two coats and you're done. The brush is extremely easy to use. It's a wide brush which is my favourite kind and with easy and effortless swipes you can quickly paint your nails even if you're not very good at it. The packaging is beautiful and if you're scared of how bulky the cap is, don't be because there's another cap inside the rose gold one that it's easier to grab and paint with.
One major pro that Catrice has that Flormar's cheapest line kind of lacks is the shades. Catrice has such beautiful shades and they're all so trendy while Flormar has had the same shades since I first started looking into them (a couple of years ago) and now I pretty much own all of the colours I find interesting, which aren't that many.
Are they worth the price? I definitely think so. If you're just looking for cheap and great polishes maybe look into Flormar first but if you want trendy, good quality and inexpensive polishes right off the bat, Catrice is an amazing option.

Catrice is cruelty-free and all polishes from the Brown Collection are vegan.

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx

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