The End of the F***ing World

by - January 29, 2018

I've talked about shows on the blog before but I never did a whole post about one particular show. And I watch many shows. I'm not that into movies but series is something that I love. I'm always either watching an old show I never got to watch, or watching something new or even rewatching something that I've already watched and loved.
A few days ago, I decided I wanted to watch something new and Netflix recommended "The End of the Fucking World". I watched the trailer and it seemed like a very weird and dark show and I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not but decided to go for it nonetheless. I watched it all in one afternoon since the episodes are really short and there's only 8 of them. 
The story follows Alyssa and James, two teenagers that have their own issues and that end up doing something not so legal, even though it was in self-defence. It touches subjects like murder, rape, drugs, crappy parents and paedophilia, but also love, friendship, homosexuality, sexism. The show can be triggering for some so beware. It still has its comedic moments nonetheless and it's definitely not as dark as I thought it was gonna be.
The quality in terms of filming, editing and acting is very good. It is very clearly filmed in the UK and I personally love the architecture and the grey and dull filter it gives to the image. The whole show seems like an indie production, giving it character. And although it's very noticeable that it happens in recent times, the decor and architecture look very 90's. It gives it a true "vintage outlaws" vibe.
When it comes to the story I can tell you there was never a boring moment. At the end of every episode, you'd never even imagine what could happen on the next one. Every episode is a surprise and you get more interested and hooked as the episodes go by.
Overall, it's a show I really enjoyed watching but it's not really something I'd want to rewatch. It's good and different but it's not really a genre I get much into and I honestly prefer other things like fantasy, sci-fi or mystery dramas. I'd recommend it if you like this genre and if you want something quick to binge on a rainy day.

I hope you're having a great day, 
Marta Ribeiro xx

Photo taken from Wikipedia.

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  1. i've been wanting a new show and will have to check this one out!

    cute & little

    1. It's a great choice. Thank you so much for stopping by!


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