Stubborn Hair? Tips and Tricks to Make a Hairstyle Last

by - January 12, 2018

Besides having really oily hair, I also have extremely stubborn hair. Stubborn to a point I've never seen on anyone. So stubborn that I had already given up on doing any styling on it until recently. For the longest time, there was no way I or anyone else could do anything to my hair.
Recently, I've started trying again because I was tired of the same look every day. And now I think I have a pretty good routine to make my hairstyles last.

(Second-day curls, kind of messy with all the wind but still going strong)

Shampoo, conditioner, hair mask
It all starts with good prep. Whether you're gonna curl or straighten your hair, choose a shampoo, a hair mask and a conditioner that fits that need. Nowadays there are many products for both curly and straight hair and these will not only bring out your hair's natural curls or straightness but they will also make the styling easier. And don't forget to shampoo, then use the hair mask and then conditioner. The shampoo will open your hair follicles for the hair mask to do its thing and the conditioner will close those follicles.

Protect your hair
If you can, try to not use products that damage your hair before applying heat from a curler or straightener. Try to air dry your hair instead of using a blow dryer and use a hair comb that doesn't damage your hair. Not only you'll keep your hair healthy but also easy to style.

I'm not telling you to fry your hair. But when you have stubborn hair, higher temperatures will make your style last longer. Get yourself a straightener or curler that has a high temperature or with adjustable temperatures. And don't forget to use a heat protector before all this.

Hold until cold
In case of curls, after you've exposed your hair to the heat, you want to hold it in your hand until it gets cold. It's a time-consuming process, I know, but it's necessary in order to get good curls.

(Straight hair on a windy day)

Hairspray is your best friend
That's not new, I know, but in this case, you'll want to literally bathe your hair in hairspray. Put hairspray on the bits of your hair that have already been straightened or curled as you go and then, in the end when your hair is all done, spray some more. Wait for it to settle down and spray again. Do it again if you feel the need to. If you're leaving the house, take a mini travel size bottle of hairspray with you and spray throughout the day.

Bobby pins, elastics, etc.
If you're doing an up-do sometimes it's hard to make your hair stay in place and even while you're doing it, your hair might not want to cooperate. First of all, you want to be calm. I know what it's like to try so hard that it gets to a point when you're so mad that you just leave it and end up not doing anything. Stay calm and do everything slowly. Then, you'll want accessories near you such as bobby pins, elastics, and others to secure your hair as you go. And don't be afraid to use more than the regular person, the goal is to make your hair stay in place.

Don't touch it
To make your hairstyle last for several days, it's important to not touch it. In the morning of the second/third/etc day, don't comb your hair. If there are any bits that are knotted, comb them out with your fingers but only that section of hair. If there are any bits that need to be redone, do them but the ones that don't need touch-ups, don't touch them. If there are any flyaways, spray hairspray all over your hair and while it's setting, push those flyaways down but not too hard as to not ruin your hairstyle. And when you're all done, spray some more hairspray all over until you're happy.

I hope you're having a great day, 
Marta Ribeiro xx 

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  1. I'm so bad about holding my curls until it cools! No wonder my curls always fall apart so fast!

    1. Yeah, it takes a bit of work but the end result is worth it.


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