How To Accomplish All Your New Year's Resolutions

by - December 26, 2017

How was your holiday? I hope it was amazing and that you were able to spend time with your family and friends and also eat a lot because let's be honest, that's a big part of it.
Every year it's the same thing. Resolutions and more resolutions that you think of in the beginning of the year and then only remember them again when it's time to think of some more because the year is over. I can relate, you can relate, everyone can relate. Knowing someone who actually sticks to their New Year's resolutions is like meeting a unicorn. It's unreal, impossible, and you fall asleep thinking about them wondering if it was real or if you just watched too many conspiracy videos on YouTube about the subject.
But I'm here to hopefully help you with that. These are my tips to accomplish your resolutions. I don't promise to follow these myself though. I'll try, I promise.

Do everything beforehand
A while ago I heard in one of Alfie Deyes' vlogs that his mum used to tell him when he was little that "if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail" and since then I've actually been following that mindset. When it comes to New Year's resolutions, it's the same thing. Is your resolution to work out more? Sign up for a gym in December. Is your resolution to drink more water? Get a cute reusable water bottle before the year ends. Whatever you're resolutions are, get everything ready before the year ends because if you do it after, you will only find excuses and you won't get anything done.

Keep reminding yourself
It's very important to keep reminding yourself of your goals. Whether it's a mood board on your wall, a post-it note on your desk, a message on your desktop, it doesn't matter. You need to have your goals constantly in your mind and you can never forget them because you need to keep yourself motivated and accomplished once you do reach your goals.

Tell everyone
Sometimes we can really be our worst enemy so the best way to fight ourselves back is by getting our family and friends involved. It will not only get them to remind you of your goals constantly and therefore make you never forget them but it will also motivate you into not wanting to let them down (or having them poke fun at you for not accomplishing your goals). One way or the other, it's always good to have some support.

Keep it real
I get that it's good to dream but when it comes to resolutions that you want to accomplish, you have to keep it real. Don't set your goals too high. Don't forget that you only have a year to accomplish everything and a year might seem like a long time but you'll see that it flies by. If you have very unrealistic goals, you won't be able to accomplish them and you'll lose motivation halfway through. Start small. Whatever your goal is, don't set unrealistic timelines. What's the first step in accomplishing your goal? Make that your resolution. Too small? What's the second step? Make that your resolution as well.

Surround yourself with success
Whatever your resolutions are, it's important to surround yourself with people who have accomplished them. Is your goal to go to the gym more often? Hang out with people who do it. Is your goal to learn a new language? Hang out with people who are fluent in it. Having people in your inner circle that can motivate you into doing certain things is gonna keep your head in the game and you'll see it's easier to accomplish your resolutions.

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx

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