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It might seem like it was sunny and warm the day I took these pictures but truth is, I was freezing to death taking them. I wanted to show this new sweater I got from Zaful (check out the latest post) so I couldn't have jackets or coats on top of it. For some odd reason, my body actually got used to the cold and by the time we took the last picture I was fine but up until then, I was shivering. It seemed like a scene from a professional photo shoot where the model is taking pictures in a bikini in the freezing cold and once it's done, a personal assistant hurries and covers her up with a warm blanket except this wasn't a professional photoshoot, I'm not a model, I wasn't wearing a bikini and my PA was a family member.
I've already talked enough about this sweater, it's super comfortable, it's super soft and much better quality than I imagined. I decided to style it with basic jeans, a basic bag, and to add a chic element I decided to wear this blanket scarf around the back of my neck and let the tails fall down, instead of how I usually wear it. I think it looks super nice and different and also really warm. And I love how it looked on these pictures, flying around.
On a more personal note, I'm sick. I'm not too sick though, it's just a cold. I started watching Stranger Things last week (I know I'm late, you already know me) so I'm definitely gonna binge watch all of it these days that I feel poorly. Netflix is everyone's best friend when we're ill, am I right?

OUTFIT \\ Sweater - Zaful \\ Blanket Scarf - Local Store (Similar here) \\ Jeans - Springfield \\ Bag - Paco Martinez (Similar here)

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx

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  1. I also like the fact that the temperatures are still warm. I also like your look, the sweater is very nice, love the sleeves.
    Wish you a beautiful evening.
    Flo from


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