Flormar Wet & Dry Compact Powder REVIEW

by - November 22, 2017

I got this powder a while ago and decided it was time for me to review it as I have a few things to say about it. Some are positive, some are negative but you know that I don't like to talk much about the bad things about something but when it comes to reviews, I like to be honest and I have to mention the bads so that people thinking of buying the product can be aware of it and also so that brands can improve their products. Never forget that there's a big difference between hate and constructive criticism, many people don't know the difference... Say what you mean but don't say it mean.

But moving on to the actual review. I thought the concept of this product was really interesting. A normal powder when used dry, foundation when used wet. The description says that dry, it has a low to medium coverage while wet has a medium to high coverage. After trying it out both ways I can say that description is a bit of a stretch.
First Impressions. The packaging is really nice, I like it, it's sleek and easy to carry with me and because it comes with a sponge, it's easy to touch up throughout the day. The powder is super fine and lightweight and doesn't have any fallout. It's really soft and moisturizing.

At first, I tried it as a powder, with a big kabuki brush. It mattifies my skin but doesn't make me look flat, it's not drying or cakey and doesn't cling to my dry patches. When it comes to my pores, I was kind of expecting it to blur them a bit but I feel like it accentuates them. With the face products I'm currently using, my pores end up disappearing but once I apply powder, it brings them back. It could be worse but it's still a downside.

For a couple of days, I used it as a foundation. I used the sponge it comes with to try and see how it applied and I wet it every time before using. The sponge soaks up a bit of product, it got really dirty and I could see the more I blended, the less coverage it had. That fact probably makes it look so natural and not cakey at all but I also don't really know how to use it or what to use it with to make it have more coverage. Any tips, please leave them in the comments. I'd definitely use it more as a foundation because I really like the finish and the coverage but there's a huge reason for me not to. It has an awful red undertone. While applying it, I could see that it was making my face a different colour but was only when I finished and looked at myself in the mirror that I noticed how red my face was. I would've loved to use it wet because it does look beautiful but the red undertone ruins it completely.

Also, do you like the fake flowers I added to the pictures? Does it look nice or is it a bit too much? I think it looks nice but I think the flowers might look too fake, I need to work a bit more on it.

Flormar is cruelty-free.

I hope you're having a great day, 
Marta Ribeiro xx 

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  1. That powder sounds good!!

  2. I agree, its definitely a cool concept! Bummer the undertones didn't work out, but its super pretty! And I love the flowers. All about decoration :)


    North + South + Navy

    1. Yeah, luckily I don't need much product when using it as a powder so the undertone isn't noticible. And thanks for letting me know you like the flowers!

  3. Thank you for review. I have seen this brand around but have yet to try anything, now I kind of want to see for myself :)

    1. It's a really inexpensive brand and some products are good, others not so much but it's always worth a try. Thank you so much for stopping by!


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