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by - September 14, 2017

It's inevitable. When you're on the internet and you see anything related to veganism, vegetarianism or anything cruelty-free, there's usually a very angry person attached to it stating their uncalled opinion and calling everyone who follows this lifestyle a "Hippie". I've already gotten used to it and I even call myself a hippie even though I'm nowhere near some hippies out there (yet?). But at first, it hurt my feelings. Us millennials, growing up, were probably told a very stereotypical description of a hippie. But we're in 2017 and the hippies of today are not the hippies of the 80's. The main difference? We're probably more stylish.
Yes, I'm on my way to becoming a vegetarian and eventually vegan.
Yes, I only use cruelty-free cosmetics.
No, I don't use real leather or fur.
Yes, I try to have a positive mindset and life.
Does that make me a hippie? To most people, yes, it does. To the hardcore hippies out there, probably not.
Two years ago, if someone told me I was a hippie I would've gotten really offended and made everything possible to make myself seem the least hippie person ever. Now, being a hippie is the best thing that could happen to me. Part of that is also the fact that I stopped caring about what people say or think about me. But I've also discovered that there are more important things in life. To me, an animal's life is more important than a pretty leather bag. To me, thinking positive is more important than getting mad or sad. And realising that and loads of other things changed me and my life. Everything changed, for the better. I'm so much happier. I feel like I have a purpose, a place in the world. It gave me something to believe in, something to fight for.
If you want to call me a hippie for all of the things I've said in this post, then be my guest, it doesn't hurt me.

And for all of those who still believe the hippie stereotype: no, I don't do drugs.

I hope you're having a great day, 
Marta Ribeiro xx 

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