Bonté Red Macaron Peel-Off Face Mask REVIEW

by - September 18, 2017

When I saw that Bonté had these new face masks I immediately got one. I got the cleansing and scrubbing one (I think they have a refreshing and/or tightening one too). I tried it out and my first impression wasn't anything special. I've been trying it out for a few months now and I feel like I have a more informed opinion now.
The mask comes in two packets. One packet is enough for your entire face so you don't have to worry about it. The shape of the packets isn't the best. I've found that the best way to apply it is with a brush, unlike the other square packets of the other older face masks, those are a lot easier to squeeze out and apply with your fingers.
The scent is very sweet but very alcohol-ish. With time, the alcohol smell goes away and only the sweet macaroon scent remains for a little while longer, which can be a bit nauseating for some people.
The consistency is very gelatinous. It's easy to apply and doesn't run down your face. On the packaging, it says to wait 10-15 minutes but I leave it on for longer because I've noticed it doesn't dry on my entire face so quickly. Usually, I do the face mask on Sundays, at night, I apply it before The Voice starts and by the time the first commercial break comes around, 40 minutes into the show, the mask still isn't dry. I don't think there's any bad or counterproductive effect of leaving the mask on for so long so I wait until the mask is completely dry and then I peel it off. I do it slowly so that it doesn't break and I start peeling from my chin because that's the best way to get all the gunk out of your pores. After peeling it off, I've been looking at it to see if it cleanses my pores and I honestly don't see much stuff there. And I do have very filled pores since I have oily skin on my t-zone. It doesn't really say anywhere that it cleans your pores like you'd expect a charcoal mask to do but as a "scrub and cleanse" mask, I'd expect a bit more gunk to come out of my pores.
Long-term speaking, I feel like my skin has been cleaner and with not as much texture and redness as it used to. When it comes to pimples and zits, I haven't noticed much of a difference. In fact, I feel like this mask might make the pimples erupt faster, which is what any other acne treatment product would do because the faster a pimple comes out, the faster it goes away. If you have acne and you're doing a treatment you know that it needs to get worse before it gets better and I feel like that's what this mask does. Pimples now show up in pairs or trios and go away a couple days later leaving my face clear. It could be the mask doing its thing but I'm not completely sure as they don't claim to do anything for acne so just because my pimples have been acting that way, don't take my word when I say it could be the mask because I don't know if it is.
Overall, it's a good mask and if you're on a budget, they're good for their price but if you want something better and can afford it, look into others whose quality might be greater for its price.

Bonté is cruelty-free.

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