3 (More) Makeup Items I Regret Buying

by - September 27, 2017

One of my most viewed posts ever on the blog is my "3 Clothing Items I Regret Buying" and I thought "Why not do it again but this time, with makeup?". I had already done one but now I have 3 more items to talk about.
There are more than 3 items I regret buying but for most of them, I've found ways to make them work. The ones I'm gonna show you are the ones I wasn't able to work with so they ended up forgotten in a drawer and rarely used (if ever).

Real Techniques Mini Brush Trio
I don't even know what I was thinking. Did I really think I would get any use out of it? Some might say it's great for travelling but here's the thing: I don't travel! And on the rare occasions that I did, I still took my other brushes because I thought these were too small. So, really, why did I buy them? When I first got it, I used the big powder brush, it's really soft and good to powder my t-zone but then I got another brush set and I stopped using it. I really regret buying this, I'm not getting any use out of it but maybe in the future, I'll travel so much I'll need it.

Basic Cosmetics Eyeshadow
I bought this eyeshadow thinking I could use it as a highlighter. Oh boy was I wrong. This is the most glittery, sparkly thing ever. It doesn't even work as an eyeshadow, it just leaves a bunch of glitter on your eyelids, not even its pretty silver colour. I've tried to make it work as a highlighter, an eyeshadow, an inner corner highlighter, nothing works. This is just pure glitter. And you'd think it could be used on top of another eyeshadow, to give it a sparkly, glittery feel but not really because it all falls on your face throughout the day. I honestly don't know how I could use this.

Basic Cosmetics Chubby Lip Pencil
I think I reviewed this product as well. And I think I mentioned its problem on that post. The colour is beautiful and it was exactly what I was looking for but its quality is absolutely awful. Basic Cosmetics can be a bit of a hit or miss. Some products are great, others are horrible.This lipstick, in particular, is something I had never tried or even seen before. Besides being extremely patchy and dry, along the day, it starts drying and moving and ends up crumbling on your lips. It looks and feels disgusting and no matter what, I can never make it work. I've tried it with no lip balm, with lip balm underneath and on top, with a lip gloss, nothing works.

I don't know if you've noticed but I usually post on Mondays and Thursdays and today is not Monday or Thursday. The thing is, my schedule is gonna change in the next few weeks and not only that, I haven't been totally happy with the quality of the content on my blog and I want to spend more time working on blog posts and doing the best job possible and adding that to these changes in the next few weeks, I won't have time to post twice a week. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna start posting only once a week, in whichever day of the week I feel comfortable with. I feel like not having a posting schedule is gonna be good because then nobody gets mad at me for posting late. And I might still post more than once a week, if I have time and once I get comfortable with my new schedule. Hopefully, you won't be too mad at me because of this. I'm sorry but right now, this is the best I can do.

All of the brands mentioned are cruelty-free and Real Techniques brushes are vegan.

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx

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