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by - August 07, 2017

I'm sure I've mentioned this before but in case you didn't know, I have oily hair. And not just plain old oily hair, no. My hair used to get greasy a few hours after washing it. Yes, it was that awful. But I've found ways to make it last a bit longer and not get oily so quickly. And if you have terribly oily hair then this post is for you.

Don't wash it as much
I'm sure this is something you already know. I've never been one of those people that washed their hair every day but back in the day, I did wash my hair every two days. And in my mind, there was no way I could go longer than two days without washing my hair but when I found myself at home for a long period of time after graduating, I felt like it was time to try to train my hair. I started by washing my hair every three days. On the first two days, I'd keep my hair in buns or ponytails so that I didn't have to touch it too much to get it out of my face and by the time the third day rolled around, it looked fine. It didn't look like it was freshly washed but it didn't look as oily as I thought it would. Eventually, it got used to it and when I felt like it was time, I occasionally waited an extra day to wash my hair. I didn't really get to the point where I washed my hair every four days but sometimes, if I can, I'll wait one more day.

I'm currently using the Bonté Color Protect range since I have colour treated hair now.

The right shampoo and conditioner
When I washed my hair every two days I used to use a purifying shampoo. Most people use a purifying shampoo once a week or once every two weeks but I didn't, I used it every time I washed my hair. You're probably thinking "Jesus Christ, are you crazy?". Maybe I was. The truth is, once your hair gets used to not being stripped down of all its natural oils, using a "regular" shampoo will leave your hair just as clean and soft as if you used a purifying shampoo every two days. If you use a lot of products in your hair, it's still necessary to use a purifying shampoo once in a while but if you think that a purifying shampoo is the only thing that makes your hair last a bit longer, try to change it up a bit and eventually your hair will get used to being cleaned with another shampoo.
I feel like everyone with oily hair is kind of afraid of the word "conditioner". Still today, a shiver goes down my spine when someone mentions it. Conditioners hydrate your hair and for someone whose hair is way too hydrated, it may seem scary. The truth is, even though your roots are fine when it comes to moisturization, that doesn't mean your ends are too. Evaluate your hair and see if you have dry or split ends or both. Pick a conditioner that is adequate for that and for any other condition your hair might be in such as coloured treated hair, bleached hair, curly hair, straight hair, the options are endless and you will surely find a conditioner that best suits you.

Currently, I'm trying out the Batiste dry shampoo. Might do a review soon.

Dry shampoo
"No shit, Sherlock". I know what you're thinking. Anyone with oily hair knows dry shampoo is their best friend, right? Wrong. For the longest time, I didn't think dry shampoo was gonna do anything. I had lost all hope for my hair and thought it was over. But, many years after, I realise I should've started using dry shampoo earlier. No matter how much hope you've lost, please try dry shampoo. It's literally gonna save your life.

This is a boar hair brush that was gifted to me a while ago. I rarely use it because my hair is way too thick.

The right hair brush
Did you know that there are hair brushes that make your hair look less oily? Yup, it's true. Brushes made of wood or boar hair help distribute the oils in your roots all over your hair making your ends shiny and your roots not as oily. It doesn't perform miracles so don't be fooled but it does help a bit. And both types of brushes suit different hair types. If you have thick hair, don't use the boar hair brush, the bristles will barely catch any hair since they're way too thick. And obviously, if you live a vegetarian/vegan or cruelty-free lifestyle, the boar hair brush isn't something you'll want to use.

Putting your hair up is the cheapest, fastest way to make your hair look less oily. If it's the first or second day after washing your hair, it will keep your hair from getting oilier in the future and if your hair is already oily, putting your hair up will disguise it. Try to see what up-do's look best on you and practise them so that when you need it, you always have one at hand.

Bonté is cruelty-free.

I hope you're having a great day, 
Marta Ribeiro xx ´

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  1. These are such great tips! Thanks for sharing!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  2. I think the worst thing about having a really oily scalp was also having short hair that I couldn't just put up on a bad or greasy hair day, so yes - dry shampoo is absolutely your best friend. I also found that dumping some baby powder on my head and ruffling my hair up did wonders for absorbing excess oil.

    Conditioner....I STILL recommend everyone use. Just because your scalp is oily doesn't mean your hair is hydrated. I just put conditioner on my ends, not my roots.

    1. I've tried that baby powder trick but it didn't really work for me, maybe I did it wrong. I only use conditioner on my ends as well, I've had problems with them being so dry and split, I don't want to go back to that!

  3. This is such a helpful post! I need to buy the heat protector cream...i've been lagging on that big time!
    Can you tell me how to curl with a wand?

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I wouldn't know how to curl with a wand since I don't have one haha but thanks for the suggestion

  4. I had long hair down to about mid-back, got frustrated and chopped it into a severe assymetrical cut where one side was very short, like a 3 on a shaiving clippers. Sometimes you need a total change. For more info look at this now.

    1. That's a huge change! But it's true, sometimes we need a drastic one. Thanks for stopping by!


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