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by - August 28, 2017

It's been a while since I shared a makeup look with you. While I had the YouTube channel I thought there was no way I could do makeup tutorials without it being in video form but I really wanted to share a makeup look with you so I had to get creative. Still not sure how I feel about it so tell me what you think in the comments below and tell me how I can get better.
I decided to share this particular look because that's what I've been wearing every day that I wear makeup. And I also wanted to share a few new products I've been wearing (some I've already reviewed, others I'll review soon).

First of all, I want to apologize for some of the photos being in a different location but the lighting was terrible and I had to work with it so some are taken on my bed, others against the wall behind my room's door.
Firstly, I used the Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation in the shade 010 Light Beige. I applied a thin layer to make it look more natural. Most days, I prefer a light coverage foundation because I want to let my skin breathe and I don't want to look too worked up because then the rest of my makeup wouldn't match. Luckily, this foundation is so liquidy that it's easy to achieve a natural look just by using a small quantity of product.
For bronzer and a bit of contour, I used the Catrice Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder in the shade 030 Medium Bronze and I love to use this because it looks very natural, not too warm and not too grey either and it's easy and quick to blend and achieve a bronzed and contoured look all in one.
For blush, I used the Essence Silky Touch Blush in the shade 10 Adorable. For most people, nude and peach toned blushes are the ones that look the most natural but on me, I prefer a pink toned blush, I think it suits my complexion a bit better.
And the last step for a nice base is the highlighter. I used the Catrice High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder in the shade 010 Light Infusion. I might've gone a bit overboard on this one as you'll see down below and I also forgot to powder since I usually powder about 30 minutes after applying my makeup so that it doesn't look too cakey.

Now, for the main focus of the whole look, the eyes. I recently decided to give Catrice's single eyeshadows a chance since so many people love them and I have to say I'm not disappointed. This rose gold one is the Absolute Eye Colour and it's in the shade 1020 Coppercabana. Even though copper is in the name, I think this is more of a rose gold than a copper but I think it can look different in different skin tones. I've tried to apply it with a brush before but I definitely think it's best to apply it with your finger. The pigmentation is insane and it's so easy to blend. It looks beautiful on its own or with other shades but I prefer to use it all alone all over my lid and on my bottom lash line for a simpler look. Or even for a pop of colour on my bottom lashes only, paired with other neutral shades on my lid.

And for the final steps of this look. Because my brows are bushy enough for a natural look, I use the Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara in the shade 02 Browny Brows. I absolutely love this product and no matter how many brow products I own or try, this one is always in my heart whether it's for a natural look or just to keep the hairs in place as a final step for a more glam look.
Then, I highlighted my brow bone with the pale matt shade in Essence's All About Roses Eyeshadow Palette and also my inner corners with the pale shimmery shade in the same palette. Essence's All About ... palettes are absolutely amazing and are a staple in every makeup collection and they're from the drugstore!
For the final eye product, I went for Essence's All Eyes On Me Waterproof Mascara. I applied only one coat just to make my lashes look a bit darker and longer as my lashes are already pretty voluminous and long.
And for lipstick, I went for Flormar's Revolution Perfect Lipstick in the shade On Rose Frontier. It looks very natural but matt and it's kind of a "my lips but better" shade.

(I'm holding my phone with the lantern on because like I said, lighting wasn't great... :( )

And this is my current everyday makeup look. It's fresh, it's girly, it's easy to achieve and I love it.

All of the brands mentioned in this post are cruelty-free.

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx

All of the pictures are protected by Copyright. Any use without given credit is punished by law.

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  1. Nice!!!! I think the still photos worked. Your commentary really helped the vision come to life. Fab job!

  2. Great makeup look. It's perfect for everyday.


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