Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation REVIEW

by - August 24, 2017

Today I bring you another review! This time of a product I've been so desperate to try ever since I heard KathleenLights talk about it in one of her videos. She said she loved it and the way she described it made it seem like that was exactly what I was looking for at the moment. It took me a while to actually buy it because I don't like to own too much makeup because I'm afraid I have hoarding tendencies so owning too many examples of the same product might not be the best.

As soon as I bought this, I was eager to try it out and when I did I was extremely impressed. First of all, the packaging. It doesn't come in any box or anything like that, the only item is the glass bottle. The bottle is very pretty and I like the minimalism and simplicity. The quality is amazing for something that's so cheap. I love the pipet, it gives it such a high end feel and it makes it easier to get the product.

Now, talking about the product itself. It's a matte foundation as the name indicates but it's not the kind of matte that makes you look like an egg. It's super lightweight and natural and you can definitely build it up. With only one layer you can get pretty nice coverage. It doesn't dry out my dry patches too much and it perfects my skin in such a beautiful way.
When it comes to the cons of this foundation the only one I can think of is that it dries a bit quickly, much like the Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer. It's definitely something we can work with but it's just a little detail you need to think of. This product is extremely liquidy and it's better applied with a sponge. If you apply it with a brush you'll get brush streaks since the product dries so fast. The sponge might have it's cons, like soaking up the product, but in the end, it looks a lot better that way than super cakey thanks to brush streaks.

Catrice is a cruelty-free brand.

By the way, have you noticed anything different on the blog? No? Ok, I'll tell you what it is. Around Colours now has its own domain! See? No more, now it's just .com! I decided it'd be nice to get my own domain and take blogging a bit more seriously. Like I've said before, I don't have any intention of making blogging my job but it is something I love and that I'd happy to do as a job, it's just not my end goal. I also have a new email that you can see in the bar at the top. Feel free to contact me there if you want.

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx

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  1. Sounds lovely! Thanks for the review. Gemma x


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