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by - June 29, 2017

If you saw the review I did on Monday then you've already seen these sandals. I got them from Rosegal and I absolutely love them. They're super comfortable and my only regret is not getting them a size bigger because they're a bit tight but I'm sure that once I wear them a bit, it'll get looser.
We're in the middle of the hot seasons and can you even tell? One day, it's like 40º and then the day after it's like 12º. On the day I took these photos, it was extremely cold. I was wearing a long sleeve top and I was shivering. Earlier that day I had gone to the beach and it was nice and then we went to a town nearby and it was freezing!
Anyway, every time I wear this top I love it more and more. It's so pretty and fits so well. This was such a great find and I'm so happy I got it. 
I'd like to hear from you, what have you been doing? How are you? Since I started working, my blog hasn't been having the best of times but I feel like there are still some loyal readers out there and I'd love to hear from you. I hope that as time goes by I'll be able to organise my time better and be more serious about the blog because, to be honest, now that I haven't had much time to work on my blog, I really miss it and wish I could do it all day.

OUTFIT \\ Top - Sfera (Similar here) \\ Jeans - Zara (Similar here) \\ Sandals - Rosegal \\ Bag - Paco Martinez (Similar here and here)

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx

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