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by - May 09, 2017

How cute is this top? I ordered it from Zaful and it arrived a few days ago. As soon as I saw it all I wanted was to put it on. It's a bit cropped which I love and the sleeves are a bit below the elbow which I also love. Although I wish I had ordered a size down, it runs a bit big.

(BEWARE: 13 Reasons Why spoilers coming next)
Everybody has been talking about 13 Reasons Why and I've watched it last weekend and to be honest, I didn't love it. I thought I was gonna like it more than I did considering I could relate to a lot of stuff on the show. I feel like the main character, Hannah, is very flawed and doesn't represent teenagers with mental illness very well. She comes off very spoiled and selfish and as someone who has struggled with mental illness and still is today dealing with it, I feel like the producers/directors/writers kind of made a mockery of us. They made it seem like we were all a bunch of spoiled kids that can't deal with the littlest things but it's much more than that. It really seems like they made the whole show a teenage high school drama and then threw a rape and a suicide in the last episodes to make it seem deep but failed completely.
But this is just my opinion and I hope no one gets offended by it and sorry if I spoiled it for anyone. I could make a whole post about the show and why I didn't like it but I don't really feel like spreading that much negativity.

I've also been watching Once Upon a Time and I love it! It's so smart and fun and I'm watching it as I'm writing this post. I've also been watching Revenge and I really like it, it's so sad that it's been cancelled. Another show I love that has been cancelled is Reign. Reign is probably one of my favourite shows ever. I love it so much and if you have any recommendations on shows similar to Reign please leave them in the comments below. To end this little "what I've been watching" segment, how sad is it that Pretty Little Liars is ending? I've been watching since the beginning and even though I'm excited to find out some things, I also don't want it to end.

Now to the "what I've been doing" part. I've been writing and reading a lot lately. I hadn't written in so long and it feels so nice to be so creative again. I've also been trying to paint and draw again but I haven't been very successful. Things aren't turning out as well as I was hoping they would. But practice makes perfect so I'm gonna keep trying.

OUTFIT \ Top - Zaful \ Jeans - Springfield \ Bag - Parfois (Similar here and here) \ Sandals - Seaside \ Sunglasses - Ray Ban
If you're ever wondering why I can never put links for the original pieces and always put similar ones it's because the pieces are either old and can't be found online anymore or because they're from a store that doesn't have an online shop.

I hope you're having a great day, 
Marta Ribeiro xx 

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