Breakfast Chats | I'm Racist, Sexist and Homophobic

by - May 01, 2017

People take social media way too seriously. People act as if social media was actually their life and their actual life was just a hobby. People act as if having a good profile is more important than having a good life. I work on social media, I know, but I use social media for fun. I'm not on social media 24/7. I have other things I like to do. And if you spend all your day on social media for fun, I have nothing against it. The thing is, people are starting to think that doing something on social media is more important than doing it in real life. Here's an example: if you don't say something on social media about #blacklivesmatter or sexism or homophobia, you're racist or sexist or homophobic, even if you're actually doing something in real life to help. I'm not saying sharing something on social media isn't good, because it is and it's better than nothing but let's face it, most of us could be doing so much to help these causes but we're far too busy judging others on social media for not doing the things we don't do either. It's so easy to go behind a computer and tweet a hashtag and feel like we're helping. Well, here's the truth: you're doing more harm than good. All that time you waste on social media acting like you care so much could be used for much greater things. And why don't we do them? Because we were taught that a hashtag saves lives. Not protests, no. Not taking a stand and fighting for your rights and others', no. Not making political decisions about our future, no. Not teaching young children about tolerance, no.
And these are just some of the things we can do! We, every single person reading this post, can do at least one of these things. And why don't we do them? What are we waiting for? A hashtag isn't gonna do anything, stop being so naive!
It really makes me angry when something big happens and people say stuff on social media like "where are all the _____ now?" like they need you to say something on social media to prove that you're helping the cause because if you actually do something, nobody cares. When somebody says something of that sort on social media all I can think about is replying "Where are we? We're right here actually doing something. And what are you doing? Sitting behind a computer on facebook all day thinking you're making a difference in the world when you're not, good one."
Remember when it used to be "pictures or it didn't happen"? Now it's "tweet, facebook post, snapchat, instagram post, pinterest pin, youtube video and blog post or it didn't happen" and that seems like a whole lot of work just to get some stranger's approval.

I hope you're having a great day, 
Marta Ribeiro xx 

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