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by - April 24, 2017

This morning was busy! Our old fridge died so we had to go buy a new one and it was hard finding one that everyone liked. But don't worry, we got an amazing one that my dad and brother are currently setting up as I write this.
In these pictures my jeans don't look very yellow, they look more of a dirty beigy colour but they're yellow! They're in a beautiful shade of pastel yellow that is a bit bright but not too bright. I love these jeans, they're so pretty and they fit me so well. And that top is absolutely stunning. When I bought it I wasn't even planning on getting any tops but I loved it so much I had to have it. It's white and it has navy polka dots and that bit of lace looks so pretty, it adds such a beautiful detail to an otherwise basic top. And those sneakers might look the same as a pair that I wore previously but they're different. The others are more of a pearl shade while these are more of an off-white shade. I personally love both even though the others are more comfortable but these are more neutral and go well with more pieces.
Tomorrow is a holiday here in Portugal. It's the celebration of the carnation revolution. If you don't know what it is you can google more about it but basically, it was a peaceful revolution that happened in 1974 and that ended the rule of Salazar, a nationalist that was prime-minister at the time and even though I was born after the revolution, my parents tell me of how it used to be back then. If you're from Portugal then you know the crazy rules they had back then that today make us laugh.

OUTFIT \ Top - Sfera \ Jeans - Sfera \ Sneakers - Manuel Alves \ Bag - Paco Martinez \ Headband - Claire's
(I'm a bit short on time so I'll add links later, as soon as I can, please don't hate me...)

I hope you're having a great day, 
Marta Ribeiro xx 

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