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by - February 06, 2017

Blogging sometimes can be a bit hard. Creatively, writing blog posts can be tough and sometimes the only thing we need is a bit of inspiration. I've been through less creative patches in my life but this kind of posts has always helped me. And sometimes, even when I'm not in a bad place creatively, I still read this kind of posts to get inspiration for the future (I currently have a bunch of pages of my notepad full of blog post ideas).
So if you need a bit of inspiration, check out the list below and hopefully you'll find something to work with.

Ter um blog por vezes é difícil. Criativamente, escrever posts pode ser dificíl e às vezes a única coisa que precisamos é de um bocadinho de inspiração. Eu já passei por fases menos criativas na minha vida mas este tipo de posts ajudou-me sempre. E por vezes, mesmo quando não estou em baixo criativamente, eu leio na mesma este tipo de posts para ter inspiração para o futuro (neste momento tenho uma data de páginas do meu caderno cheias de ideias para posts).
Por isso se precisas de um pouco de inspiração, vê a lista abaixo e pode ser que encontres algo com que trabalhar.

Fashion \\ Moda

1 - Outfit of the Day

2 - Wishlist

3 - Whole look under 100€

4 - 3 looks under 100€

5 - Outfits of the week

6 - Outfits of the weekend

7 - Talk about your fashion icon

8 - Favourite clothing brand and a whole look with pieces from there

9 - Shoe collection

10 - Jewelry collection

11 - How to style a certain piece/trend

12 - Essentials for each season

13 - Top 5 favourite fashion bloggers/youtubers/instagrammers

14 - Most worn fashion items that season/year/month

15 - Cover a fashion event

16 - Favourite runway shows of the season

17 - Recent wardrobe additions and how you're gonna style them

18 - Favourite trends

19 - Copy a celebrity look

20 - Day to night outfit

21 - 3 items you bought and regret buying them

22 - Top 5 outfit posts from your blog

23 - What's in your bag

24 - What you pack when you travel

25 - Moodboards/Inspiration boards

26 - DIY fashion post

Beauty \\ Beleza

27 - Makeup collection

28 - Makeup look (could also be in video form)

29 - Makeup tips I wish I knew when I was younger (gonna do this one next thursday!)

30 - Skincare routine

31 - Skincare/Makeup product review

32 - Perfume collection

33 - Haircare routine

34 - Favourite lip balms

35 - Monthly favourites

36 - Favourite face products

37 - Favourite eye products

38 - 3 makeup looks with 5 products

39 - Holy grail (one product for each category of products)

40 - Makeup look for beginners and starter kit

41 - Essentials for each season

42 - Top 5 favourite makeup bloggers/youtubers/instagrammers

43 - Empties (could also be in video form)

44 - 3 items you bought and regret buying them

45 - What's in your makeup bag

46 - Moodboards/Inspiration Boards

47 - DIY makeup/skincare post

Lifestyle \\ Estilo de vida

48 - 5 Ways to boost your confidence

49 - Your blogging story

50 - Travel guide

51 - Favourite books

52 - Tips on how to save money

53 - Tips on how to make money online

54 - Favourite series

55 - Favourite movies

56 - Typical recipes from your country turned vegetarian/vegan (been wanting to do this for the longest time but I really hate cooking so, you won't be getting this anytime soon)

57 - Favourite baking recipes

58 - Creative activities for each season

59 - 25 questions nobody asks: Tag

60 - Storytime (could also be in video form)

61 - Furry friend: Tag

62 - Tips and tricks on how to stay organised

63 - Talk about important subjects to you (like I do on Breakfast Chats)

64 - What you got for your birthday

65 - Photos of places you've been to

66 - Meaning behind your blog name

67 - 50 random facts about you

68 - Personal post (struggles you've had in your life, your sexuality, your religion, your life now, etc)

69 - A giveaway

70 - Q&A

71 - Give advice to your readers (ask for them to ask you for advice in a previous post)

72 - Bucket list

73 - Music playlist

74 - Have a guest on your blog (ask someone else to write a blog post, it can be a blogger or not)

75 - 50/75/100 blog post ideas

I hope you're having a great day, 
Marta Ribeiro xx 

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