Essence All Eyes On Me Waterproof Multi-effect Mascara REVIEW

by - September 07, 2016

I think it's known by everyone that I never wear mascara. Well, at least I didn't used to wear mascara. My lashes have always been long and voluminous and I never felt like wanting to wear mascara. Until my mum decided to get one for my brother's wedding. She doesn't wear makeup on a daily basis but because it was a special occasion, she wanted something on. So she asked me if she could use my makeup and I said yes, of course. But there was one thing lacking on my makeup collection, something she really loved to wear, and that was mascara. She bought it, wore it at the wedding and then gave it to me because she wouldn't wear it again. I think most of you know that I hate wasting money so obviously I wasn't gonna let that tube of mascara dry out and then waste the money my mum spent on it. So I decided I would give it a try and see if I liked it. To my surprise, I wasn't really fond of the final result but I didn't give up. I tried again and again and I finally started to like what I was seeing. The problem with the first few times was that I put too much on and it ended up looking clumpy and disgusting. So my technique is to apply a little bit and really coat my lashes evenly.

Now moving on to my thoughts on this product. My mum got the waterproof version because it was the same price as the normal one and because it was a really hot day, waterproof would be great because it wouldn't move or transfer. Also, waterproof mascara holds a curl much better than regular mascaras. As I said, the first few times I tried it it looked really clumpy and I didn't like it. It could be the formula or ir could be the fact that I didn't have any experience with mascaras and just didn't know how to use it. But after perfecting my technique I think it's safe to say this is a good mascara. Probably not as good as some other higher end mascaras but I feel like for this price it's quite good. It's incredibly black and lengthens my lashes. When it comes to volume I feel like it's not its best characteristic. It doesn't add that much volume but I still think that for the price, it's a really good mascara. It doesn't transfer, doesn't smudge and stays on all day.

I'm gonna be finishing up this mascara and I'm not sure if I'll be getting any mascaras after this but who knows, maybe I'll get addicted to mascaras haha

This brand is cruelty-free and this product is vegan.

I hope you're having a great day, 
Marta Ribeiro xx 

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