Summer Makeup Essentials!

by - July 06, 2016

I love summer. Even though it's not my favourite season, I still love it a lot. And sometimes wearing makeup in the summer seems like the worst but I love to wear makeup all year around so even though it doesn't feel very comfortable, I still wear it sometimes. And today I'm gonna tell you what my essentials are in terms of makeup.

BB Cream
BB Creams are amazing for summer because they protect your skin from the sun, moisturizes your skin, is lightweight and it gives you some coverage. It's the most comfortable kind of product with coverage and even though most bb creams don't offer much coverage, it's still a great staple.
The one above is the Laura Geller Beauty BB Cream (you can get it here which is currently 50% off)

Bronze Eyes
Summer is the time of the year when we get more bronzed and I love to combine bronzy tones on my eyes with the bronze in my skin. So mettalic, bronze, nudes and orange tones are my favourite to wear in the summertime.
1- NYX Dream Catcher Palette in 02 Dusk Till Dawn (you can get it here)
2- bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow in The Instant Attraction (you can get it here)
3- Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Easy Baked (you can get it here)
4- NYX Prismatic Eye Shadow in 10 Bedroom Eyes (you can get it here)
5- Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow in Space Cowboy (you can get it here)

Easy Pop of Colour
If you don't want to wear much makeup, this is the easiest way to add a pop of colour to your makeup look. With absolutely no effort, just apply a colourful pencil eyeliner to your waterline and you're done!
The one above is the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Electric (you can get it here)

Colourful Mascara
Another easy way to add a pop of colour to a fresh minimal look is by using a colourful mascara. And because I don't wear mascara, I don't really know what brands do the best colourful mascaras so comment down below if you know any.
The one above is the NYX Color Mascara in 08 Pink Perfect (you can get it here)

Nude Lips
Weather you go for a bronze eye look or a bright colourful look, nude tones on your lips are probably the best option. Obviously you can go for bright colourful lips but I prefer a more natural look because it's more weightless and doesn't require much maintenance. And that's also the reason why I prefer a creamier formula and not a matte one.
1- Lipstick Queen Silver Screen Lipstick in Your Kid (you can get it here)
2- Lily Lolo Natural Lipstick in French Flirt (you can get it here)
3- Daniel Sandler Luxury Lipstick in Goddess (you can get it here)
4- NYX Butter Lipstick in 17 Pops Explosie (you can get it here)
5- Pür Cosmetics Lip Lure Hydrating Lip Laquer in Fancy (you can get it here)

Hopefully this post helped someone to find new products. I hope you enjoyed!

I hope you have a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx

All brands in this post are cruelty-free.
Brands that are also vegan: Laura Geller, Urban Decay
Brands that are vegan friendly (most products are vegan but some aren't): NYX, bareMinerals, Lipstick Queen, Lily Lolo, Daniel Sandler, Pür Cosmetics

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