Summer Hair Acessories

by - July 13, 2016

Summer is here and personally this is the season when I care more about hairstyles because the weather is hot and I don't want my hair in my face or on my neck, making me feel even hotter. So today I'm gonna show you many acessories you can use to spice up any hairstyle.

Elastic Headband
Elastic headbands are awesome because they pull your hair out of your face and make sure there are no flyaways. And if it's silver or gold or any kind of metallic shade it can also dress up any outfit and make it more classy.
This one is from Stradivarius (get it here)

Baseball Cap
A cap is great not only to hide some greasy roots or a bad hair day but also to prevent your head from being too exposed to the sun and at the same time it also protects your face. It's a great way to have a stylish acessory for those lazy sunny days.
This one is from Reclaimed Vintage in ASOS (get it here)

Animal Ears
The cat ears trend is a bit over now but apparently there's a new one: fox ears. I personally love this kind of animal ears headbands because they're really fun to wear and they add a pop of colour to an outfit. And they're also adorably cute!
This one is from ASOS (get it here)

Hair Tie
Hair ties are the most basic hair acessory but when we think of hair ties we usually think of those boring ones that are either clear or the same colour as our hair. But who says hair ties have to be boring? There are so many cool, pretty and fun hair ties. Pick your favourite and do ponytails, buns, pigtails, the options are endless!
This bow tie is from ASOS (get it here)

Hair Clip
Hair clips are awesome to get the hair out of your face and add a bit of fun. You can go for feathers, faux suede, fabric, faux leather, thread, etc.
This one is from Claire's (get it here)

For an everyday use a floppy hat can be a bit uncomfortable when it's too hot, so a fedora is probably the best option. Just like a cap, it protects your head from the sun and it's a stylish detail to add to any outfit if you're just having a bad hair day.
This one is from ASOS (get it here)

Headbands are another alternative to get the hair out your face or just to add a bit of fun to a ponytail or bun. There are a ton of different kinds of headbands, some more discreet than others but what matters is that you have fun with your hair and wear what makes you happy.
This one is from Claire's (get it here)

And those are all of my suggestions for fun and cool hair acessories. If there are any acessories you love, feel free to comment down below!

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx

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