How to Maintain Your Tan + How to Deal with Sunburns

by - July 25, 2016

It's Summer in the northern hemisphere which means we wear more revealing clothes, exposing our skin to the sun and also it's the season to go the beach. I personally love being tanned because I think it suits me a lot more and usually I'm the female version of Edward Cullen but in the summer I have a chance of getting a bit more tan. So there are only two outcomes of summer: a golden tanned skin or lobster impersonation. Today I'm gonna give you a few tips on how to prolongue your tan and also to deal with sunburns. And by the way, I'm writing this post with burnt shoulders. Why, you ask. It was for a good cause. It was my brother's wedding last saturday and the wedding was outside and even though there were white beach umbrellas to protect us, my parents' seats were in the sun so I gave my seat away to my dad, so I had to sit in the sun. It's ok, I've had worse sunburns haha

How To Prolongue Your Tan
Carrots and Tomatoes
Eat as many carrots and tomatoes you can. Or drink them in juice or smoothie form. What you put inside your body has consequences on the outside of your body. These two ingredientes can make your tan last longer and by having them regularly you'll keep your tan for much longer.

Cold Water
If the reason why you have a tan is because you went to the beach as much as you could then you'll want to shower with cold water everytime you come home from the beach. The cold water is gonna keep your skin tight, firm, bright and it's gonna close up your pores.

Don't scrub too hard
Also don't forget while you're showering, don't scrub your skin too hard. I know we have to get rid of every bit of sunscreen or product in our skin but scrubing too hard is gonna make your tan go away much faster. Scrub gently with a soft sponge. And when you get off the shower, don't rub the towel on your skin, pat it instead. Pat drying your skin is the best way to dry it.

Moistrizing is very important. Keep your skin hydrated and soft to prolongue your tan.

How to Deal With Sunburns
Aloe Vera
Any product with aloe vera is awesome for sunburns. It calms down the skin and helps it heal. Apply aloe vera oil, aloe vera extract or any body lotion/cream that has aloe vera in it.

Thermal Water
A spritz of thermal water when you feel uncomfortable sooths the skin and also helps with the healing process. It feels fresh and it's perfect not only for sunburns but also for whenever you feel hot or sweaty.

Cold Water and Moisturizer
Just like my tips to prolongue your tan, both cold water and moisturizer are a must for a sunburn. It helps soothing the skin and keeps it hydrated so that it heals faster.

Special Ointements
The most obvious thing to do in case of a burn is to use an ointment or cream meant for burns. You can get one at your local pharmacy or order online.

And those were all my tips to keep your tan for longer and to help deal with a sunburn. Hopefully this was helpful to someone.

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx

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