Essence Lip Liner REVIEW

by - July 27, 2016

Everybody talks about Essence's lip liners and how good they are. I bought my first one recently. I was excited to wear it and see how good it was. I had been looking for a lip liner in a colour that would go great with my crappy Essence Longlasting lipstick in Coral Calling because these lipsticks only look nice with a liner underneath. When I was looking through the Essence counter this was the closest shade I could find. As soon as I got home I wanted to try it but as I put it on my mood started to go down, down into the pits of hell. I don't know if it was mine that wasn't very good or if every liner is like that.
At first it was so striky and dry that it flaked as I put it on. I couldn't get a consistent colour and if I tried to go over a bit where I had already applied it would move it and flake off. It was so bad I took it off and applied a bit of lip balm and when I tried again it was even worse. The colour wasn't even transfering to my lips. It was just gliding through my lips without actually painting them. So I took the lip balm off and tried again and the same thing that happened the first time happened again. I decided to try and put the coral lipstick on top and it actually didn't look that bad.
I felt like I needed to write this post because this is probably one of the most talked about products from Essence and I feel like many people look for reviews before buying it so I decided I would tell you my honest opinion on it.
Even though this lip liner isn't that good and even though I was really disappointed, I'm still trying to use it up and make it work. I haven't been very successful though but I'm gonna keep trying and I'll let you know if I find a way to make it look nice.

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx

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