Spring Fashion Essentials

by - May 25, 2016

Because I haven't gone shopping for Spring yet I will have to use pictures from my favourite online stores to show you what my essentials are.
But they're pretty much easy to find so don't get too worried about not finding these pieces near you.

Jumpsuits are my absolute favourite thing to wear. They're comfortable, easy to wear and they're so pretty. The only downside to it is that you might have to get naked in order to go to the toilet but that's something I can handle.
The one shown here is from Asos.

Floral Prints
What better print to wear during Spring than a floral one? Spring is the time of flowers, colours and awesomeness. So anything with a floral print is a must this season.
The one in the picture is from Ted Baker in Asos.

Fun T-shirts
T-shirts are awesome for Spring because it's not cold enough to wear long sleeves but it's also not hot enough to wear a crop top so a t-shirt is the perfect middle term. And because it's Spring and it's the season of colour and fun, what better than a cool fun print? Take your t-shirts to the next level.
The one in the picture is from Monki in Asos.

I love lace even though I don't wear it much because it's a really sensitive fabric and I always ruin it sooner or later... But I really love lace. It's lightweight, pretty, feminine and sexy and it's perfect for Spring because flowers aren't the only thing blooming this season.
The dress in the picture is from H&M.

Cool Blazer
Blazers were never really my style but when I found blazers with cute and fun prints and colours I started to love them a milion times more. This kind of piece is perfect for cooler nights or even cool days because even though it's Spring, the weather might play tricks on us... It makes us warm without being stiff or too classic and adds a pop of fun to any outfit.
The one in the picture is from Topshop.

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro

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