How to Save Money

by - May 30, 2016

Last Friday my laptop decided to dye. It had been giving me warnings about how its life was about to end but I wasn't ready for a new laptop. The thing is, I'm extremely cheap so I don't buy things very often and without thinking about them for months. So when it comes to tips and tricks to save money, I think I might have really good ones to share.

A Piggy Bank
Piggy banks are my favourite thing ever. When I was younger I had about 5 piggy banks all for different things. Piggy banks are great because it allows you to save money bit by bit and that way you'll feel more acomplished when you reach your goal.

Do a lot of research before buying anything. Do you really need it? Is it really worth the money? Isn't there any other product that does the same thing but for less money? Is it cheaper at a physical store or online? Can you use any coupons? Could it be worth it to buy it in second hand?

Sometimes waiting is the best thing you can do to save money. Wait until you have a good amount of money before spending it. Wait for a discount, coupon or promotion before buying something.

Organize and proritise
Make a list with all the things you want to buy, the money you want to spend and when you wanna spend it, when you need the products and what you need them for.  And after everything being written down, set your priorities straight. Of everything you want to buy, what is more important? What do you need sooner?

Don't spend it all
Even if you went through all the steps written before this and you're sure about what you want to do, never spend all your money. With this, I learned it the hard way. Even if you're sure about everything you want to do, the unexpected can still happen. Never spend all your money because you never know if you're gonna need it for an emergency. The best thing you can do is to have a piggy bank for this kind of money ONLY. Don't spend it EVER and only spend it on emergencies when the money you have isn't enough.

Hopefully these tips were helpful and if you have other tips please comment on this post and help the other readers.

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro

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