The Bright Lips Makeup Look Essentials

by - April 04, 2016

Now that it's Spring it's much more motivational to wear a bright lip colour. So on today's post I'm gonna give you a few tips on how to rock a bright lipstick!

Natural Dewy Skin
One thing about Spring is that it starts to get hotter out, the sun shines more often and we don't want to feel like we have pounds of makeup on our face. So the bright lips look asks for natural, dewy skin. The best ways to achieve that is by using a BB Cream or a light coverage foundation, but medium coverage foundations can work as well, for as long as they're dewy and light weight.

Nice Contour
Because the colour on our lips is bright enough, instead of using a blush or instead of going heavy on it, choose a bronzer instead. The best way to get a bronzer that matches your skin is to get a pressed powder or foundation that is 2 shades darker than your skin tone. That way you'll have the best contour shade to carve your cheek bones.

Pop On The Eyes
For a daytime look we can be adventurous and go for another pop of colour, this time on the eyes. Whether it is on the lower lashline or on the eyelid, a slight pop of blue, orange or purple, depending on the colour of your eyes, is the perfect detail to make your look go from boring to something else.

Perfect Eyebrows
To make the whole look more complete all that's left is to make your eyebrows look flawless. There's no need to waste your whole time doing your brows. Combing and putting on a brow gel to keep them in place are enough ways to make your eyesbrows look amazing. If you want to fill them in, that's your choice but don't go overboard, otherwise your brows will be the center of attention, not your lips.

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx

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