My Journal Entry #4

by - April 11, 2016

Before reading keep in mind I'm no professional writer and these are just things I do for fun and posting them here is a way of maybe inspiring othe people to write too or to just entertain someone who likes to read and because english isn't my first language please excuse any errors and politely educate me in the comment section. I hope you enjoy!


A gun went off, disturbing the quietness of the night. Jim stood up on his porch and peered into the night. There was no moon, he couldn't see a thing. He wondered who was doing the shooting. He quickly got back inside, locked the windows and the front door and turned all the lights off. He sat on the couch, scared, and waited to hear another shot, hoping it was animal hunting. After 30 minutes of pure silence, Jim got up to get a glass of water from the kitchen. While the cup was being filled, he looked outside the window in front of him and saw a shadow moving in the bushes.
A few years ago, after being a witness in an important case, Jim thought that moving into a house in the middle of a forest was the safest place to be. Tonight, he gotten proven wrong. Being in the witness protection programme didn't do much. He got 24/7 protection during the first year and then the protection became weekly with police officers showing up every Friday. Today was Saturday. Jim's probabilities on waking up alive tomorrow morning were very close to zero. The cup was full now and Jim quickly grabbed it and went to his room upstairs.
It had been a couple minutes and everything seemed quiet again. A loud bang coming from downstairs got Jim running to his bathroom and locking the door behind him. If he wasn't scared before, he sure was now.


When I wrote this I was having a bad day and I was a bit blocked so this one isn't very interesting but I think it's still cool to read these stories again since I wrote them so long ago. 

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