The Bold Lips Makeup Look Essentials

by - March 07, 2016

Sometimes there are a few trends or items in the makeup world that you really want to try but don't really know how. Today I'm gonna show you how to wear a lip product in a bold colour by telling you how the rest of your makeup should go!

Flawless Skin
Whether it's thanks to a full coverage foundation or just perfect genes or a really good skincare routine, flawless skin is a must when wearing a bold colour on the lips. You want the attention to go to your lips not to that pimple that never goes away. So make your skin the perfect white canvas for your beautiful painting.

Highlighted Face
A nice dewy look is perfect for bold lips. It will keep your makeup looking natural and that will make your lips the center of attention.

Peachy Flush
The best way to compliment a bold lip is a natural tone on the cheeks. Peach is the best option. It will give a natural glow to your cheeks and make your lips stand out.

Neutral Eyes
The key to having a perfect makeup look is balance. Balance is everything. You need to balance your lips with your eyes. So if you're gonna wear a bold colour on the lips, you have to keep your eyes neutral. Whether it's with grey tones or brown/gold tones, your eyes need to look as neutral and muted as possible. 

Erase The Mistakes
The best trick to make your lips look flawless is to grab a bit of concealer with a small brush and apply it to the outside line of your lips after applying your chosen lip product and erase any mistakes and make the outline of your lips sharper and more perfect.

I hope you're having a nice day,
Marta Ribeiro xx

P.S.- Due to the fact that I've started a course and my schedule is a mess right now, there will be no post on wednesday but only this week. Nest week the post schedule will be back to normal.

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