My Journal Entry #3

by - March 14, 2016

Before reading keep in mind I'm no professional writer and these are just things I do for fun and posting them here is a way of maybe inspiring othe people to write too or to just entertain someone who likes to read and because english isn't my first language please excuse any errors and politely educate me in the comment section. I hope you enjoy!


Running down the street, the man held back a sob. He wasn't prone to crying but today was an exception. All his life he dreamed of how happy he would be one day. His childhood wasn't easy. Just at the age of 8, everything was taken away from him. His parents had lived in poverty and when both of them got sick all they could do was wait for death to arrive. Now, at such an advanced age, it seemed like he was a child again. The thought of losing his parents came back to his mind after hearing about the deadly accident his wife and his only daughter had gotten into. Everyone who walked by him in the street would try to talk to him and give him their condolences but he ignored them and kept walking. A few minutes later he found himself sitting on the edge of a bridge, staring into the river. He let the tears roll down his face. With no one around, he layed down and watched the clouds move in the sky. He didn't know what to do with his life. Everyone he loved had been taken away from him once again. But one thing he knew: he wouldn't give up on himself.

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