My Journal Entry #2

by - March 02, 2016

Before reading keep in mind I'm no professional writer and these are just things I do for fun and posting them here is a way of maybe inspiring othe people to write too or to just entertain someone who likes to read and because english isn't my first language please excuse any errors and politely educate me in the comment section. I hope you enjoy!


Damn it! He should have known better. Now the cops were going to know where to find him. Running away from the police wasn't the best option but going to jail wasn't ideal either. And for something he had little to do with. Not very long ago, his brother had convinced him that he was on the right track and that he would never go to jail again. He gave him an oportunity and look where he is now, running away from the police. It all happened so fast. One day he was opening the door of his house to the brother he hadn't seen in years, the next day he had a drug shop in his living room. Not very long after that the police found out and now he's living in a place he thought was safe. His brother was nowhere to be seen but he didn't care anymore. Right after the police found out, his first instinct was to run away, knowing he had no chance in being free after this. So he did. He ran away. Just like his brother. But he made a mistake. He let his heart get in the way and ruin everything. Not knowing how long he would be gone, he decided to write a letter to a friend he happened to be in love with. In the letter he said how much he loved he and without exactly saying where he was hiding, he gave her clues he knew she would understand. And right after sending the letter, he realised that if she was smart she would give that information to the police. Now the real question was, would she do it?

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