How To Stay Creative

by - March 28, 2016

For the last few days I've only been posting written posts but the truth is I don't have time to take pictures of OOTDs and I haven't been going out much either. But you seem to be enjoying my written posts because I've been having many views on them. This won't be going on for too long though, soon enough I won't be as busy as I am now. So today I bring you another written post. This time, it's my tips on how to stay creative. Many times I've struggled to get new ideas for posts or videos but there are a few ways I've found to stay creative.

Whatever the topic of your creativity is it's very important to know what other people are doing because sometimes one little thing about something someone else did will unveil a great concept that means a lot to you. Never copy anything someone else has done, simply get inspired and come up with your own amazing idea.

Talk To Yourself
This might sound weird but sometimes talking to yourself can be very helpful. Write in a piece of paper all the ideas that might come up and talk to yourself as if you were 2 people. Try to find pros and cons of every idea and make your ideas better.

Talk To Others
Whether it's talking to your friends or complete strangers online, sometimes a different point of view is what you need. Someone who will tell you the truth and who will be honest with you about every idea that might come up. And even if you don't have any ideas sometimes someone else can come up with one for you and then you change a few things about it and make it your own.

Do Something Creative Everyday
One thing to do if you want to be creative is to never stop being creative. If you do something creative everyday, like writing, drawing, painting, etc. your creativity will never die.

And these were the best ways I've found to stay creative. I hope this post helped you and I hope you stay very creative for a long time.

I hope you're having a great day,
Marta Ribeiro xx

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